Edible Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis edible recipes s are a great alternative to smoking cannabis and they can be used by just about anyone looking to consume marijuana in a different way. They can be made at home, with or without the help of special cannabis cooking tools and using ingredients that are easy to find at your local grocery store.

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How to make cannabis infused food

This page provides an overview of how to make cannabis infused food, including how the process works, what you need to make it, how long the edibles take to cook and the best recipes you can use to make edibles at home.

marijuana edible recipes

What are cannabis edibles & edible recipes?

Cannabis edible recipes are instructions to help you make different dishes that contain marijuana. Edibles are foods that are infused with weed or marijuana. 

Your body absorbs marijuana at a much slower rate than when you smoke it, meaning you have more time to find your happy place. And, of course, edibles are much less harmful for your lungs and throat. Experiment with dosing by calculating how many milligrams of THC you’re getting in a serving. Start low (5 mg) and work your way up as needed. 

Staying safe using edible recipes

The first rule of using cannabis is that you must stay safe. Cannabis oil can be absorbed through the skin so make sure to use gloves if you are touching a lot of it. If you have not yet used marijuana before and especially if it’s your first time with edibles, keep in mind that your reaction will take a little longer than usual. Edibles usually kick in after about 30 minutes but some effects can last for up to 8 hours or more. So plan accordingly.

Edible Dosing Calculator

We built this THC edibles dosage calculator to help you figure out the right amount of THC to put into your edibles.

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Edible infusion bases for recipes

cannabis edible recipes

Use the cannabis infusion recipes to make everything from butter, oils, honey and tinctures. These weed infused bases will be used as ingredients to make all of the other edible recipes. Having a variety of bases allow you to add different flavors and sweetness. This will help you make edible recipes like, salads, desserts, drinks, cocktails, and more.

Edible Recipes

edible recipes

There are tons of edible recipes. You can experiment with different cooking techniques and spices. Some foods lend themselves more easily to infusing (for example, most herbal teas are made with leaves that allow you to easily remove plant matter after infusion), while others will not. For example, soft fruit will result in small bits of leaf and seed when strained, making it a poor choice for infusion. It’s up to you what you want to cook or bake with; there’s no one recipe that works for everyone. Below are a different cannabis recipes for edibles.

Southwest Quinoa

Southwest Quinoa Recipe

Southwest Quinoa This is a dish that is designed to satisfy the rice lovers out there minus the rice. It’s quick and simple and can

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Other Articles on Edibles

Below are some of the other articles on Flavor Fix that you should read to learn about edibles.

Guides What Is an Edible?

What Is an Edible?

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Edible Frequently Asked Questions

edible faqs

What is an edible example?

Brownies, gummies or anything infused with weed is an example of an edible.

What does edibles mean in slang?

Edibles are slang for something that taste good. It is also just used for what it is. Meaning food that has weed in it. 

How does an edible get you high?

Edibles get you high because they contain THC. Edibles have more of a body high that lasts longer and can be stronger than when you smoke weed with THC. Not all edibles get you high.  CBD edibles won’t get you high.

Are edibles illegal?

Cannabis edibles are usually legal where marijuana is legal. Check your Country, State and local laws to be sure.

Do edibles make your eyes red?

Yes, edibles make your eyes red.

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