Do Edibles Make Your Eyes Red?

Do edibles make your eyes red? The question is a little more complex than you might think. While there are many reasons why someone’s eyes might be red, it’s one of the markers of the classic stoner stereotype. Some people refer to redness as stoner eyes even when they’re just tired or dealing with a lot of pollen in the air.

But if you have issues with people judging you because of a little extra redness in the whites of your eyes, you may be wondering if choosing a brownie over a blunt is the solution. Yet, it’s not quite that easy. Find out what edibles have to do with red eyes and how to deal with the problem regardless of how you prefer to ingest THC.

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The Bad News: Edibles Cause Red Eyes, Too

Switching to edibles may eliminate the problem of smelling like marijuana or smoke in general. However, it won’t necessarily reduce or eliminate the red-eye problem for you. Red eyes are a problem with any consumption of THC, regardless of method.

You can take a sublingual liquid or tincture, eat an edible, or smoke a blunt and face basically the same risks of getting pink, sleepy-looking eyes. It’s because THC is a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes and widens the blood vessels, making them more visible in areas where they’re highly concentrated.

Your eyes are packed with capillaries, and even a little widening of these tiny vessels results in noticeable reddening. The same effect is what makes THC a valuable potential treatment for glaucoma, so it’s not necessarily a problem. But the answer to the question “Do edibles make your eyes red?” is definitely a yes.

The Smoke and Eye Irritation Myth

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” may be a great song about missing someone. But unfortunately, it’s not a good explanation of why your eyes get red after smoking pot.

The myth that redness comes from irritation caused by the smoke has been circulating since the 1960s, at least. Yet when edible and vaping became more popular, many people were disappointed to discover they still had the same visual reactions.

Since consuming THC in any form will trigger the dilating effect, it’s hard to avoid just by choosing a specific method to enjoy your favorite indica or sativa strain.

How to Avoid Red Eyes in the First Place

If you find yourself answering no to the question “Do edibles make your eyes red?” you may want to get your blood pressure checked. People with lower blood pressure will experience a greater vasodilating effect.

But you don’t want to raise your overall blood pressure just to try and avoid red eyes after edibles or smoking.

Instead, watch how much THC you’re consuming in one sitting. The more you consume, the redder your eyes are likely to get. Lower percentage strains keep you from experiencing such noticeable dilation. Edibles can be great for this since they give you precise control over how many milligrams of THC you consume at once.

Each person has a different tolerance level for vasodilation as well, so experiment with different doses until you find one that keeps you from experiencing any visible reddening.

Finally, drink plenty of water before consuming any THC. Being dehydrated will further increase the amount of visible reddening.

Dealing with Red Eyes

If you forgot to ask, “Do edibles make your eyes red?” before indulging, you’re not too late to act. Eye drops are the first line of defense against red eyes, and they do work well when used properly.

Most over-the-counter products designed for reddening help tighten up the blood vessels just within the eye with only a minor overall effect on your blood pressure. Still, you should test your blood pressure before using most of them for the first time.

Drinking caffeine can also help shrink the blood vessels, but only a limited amount. Putting a cold compress on your eyes is a good way to reduce redness and soothe any puffiness that might be making you squint. Avoid rubbing or pressing on your eyes since that can further increase redness.

If you have red eyes and it’s making you worry, take it easy. It’s a helpful, temporary effect that will wear off in just a few hours, providing you don’t consume any more THC. It can be a little frightening to look in the mirror and see bright red or pink eyes instead of the familiar whites staring back at you. However, it’s not a sign of damage or a bad reaction. It’s simply THC doing one of the things it doe

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