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Flavor Fix was created to help people who love cannabis, spirits, food, CBD, and delightful stimulating experiences. We work to educate you on cannabis strains, distilled spirits, brands, recipes, stocks, dispensaries, distilleries, products, news and culture; of a blended lifestyle. We help create the perfect pairings between these things so your life is filled with umami, balance, and a good time.

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The A represents up or a higher amount.

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The V represents down or a lower amount.

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The O represents neutral.

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Together AVO is our symbol of perfect harmony, balance and flavors.

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Here is what you need to know about us.
Our Brand
Balance was built into our essence . Our logo was designed with utility in mind. Its letters can be used to navigate the thrilling but complex world of cannabis and spirits; like the stars were used by ancient voyagers to navigate the oceans. Our goal is to help you find balance as you explore the polarities along your journey of discovering new flavors.
Our Symbol
The A represents up or a higher amount. The V represents down or a lower amount. The O represents neutral. Together AVO is our symbol of perfect harmony, balance and flavors. We use these in our content to help guide you through the levels of flavor, strength and effect of a particular strain and spirits.
Our Motto
Perfect Pairings for the Cross Faded connoisseur: Cross Faded usually has a negative connotation meaning you consumed too much cannabis and alcohol at the same time. That my friend is irresponsible. We have redefined Cross Faded to mean finding the right balance of pairings. Like a a glass of aged scotch with a joint on vacation. Or a fine glass of wine like a Barolo with a Hindu Kush infused duck confit. Or a Rabbit Hole Bourbon with Sour Diesel infused Barbecue Rack of Ribs. That’s Cross Faded. Those are perfect pairings. That’s AVO.

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