Blueberry OG Is Berry Delightful

Like many indica strains, Blueberry can definitely help you sleep. But its magic goes far beyond its soporific savvy. The Blueberry strain, also known as Blueberry OG, has reached a level of fame that many strains aspire to.

It is to blueberries what Mangonani is to mangos.

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blueberry og strain
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The main flavor is fresh blueberry, accompanied by strong blueberry with overtones of blueberry.


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      Strain Information

      Blueberry is an indica strain that is a cross between Purple Thai and Thai. The sweet, unmistakable aroma and flavor of this bud make it extremely popular, as does its THC content of 15% to 24%.

      It is a DJ Short creation. He began working on it in the 1970s, combing through different breeders and seedbanks to find the right mix. A mix of Purple Thai and Thai, this blueberry-flavored bud produces a relaxing effect accompanied by a resilient sense of euphoria.

      It’s great for stress and pain — and it must be said that it’s gorgeous to look at. Its effects are comparable to those of Flo Walker, though you may find yourself a tad less sleepy

      Strain Effects

      Euphoria 95%
      Relaxation 98%
      Joy 96%
      Helps With
      Pain Relief
      Pain Relief 92%
      Tension 96%
      Stress 94%
      Sleepy 79%

      Blueberry OG Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Crooners 97%
      Explosions in the Sky
      Explosions in the Sky 93%
      Volcano Choir
      Volcano Choir 95%

      Crooners: Throw on Bing, Frank, Nat, Sammy, and Dean and let this peace-loving indica help soothe your soul.

      Explosions in the Sky: Guitar-driven post-rock culminating in cathartic climaxes may just be the perfect companion to Blueberry.

      Volcano Choir: Justin Vernon’s voice soars over this atmospheric alternative group, progressing from looped electronic passages to anthemic releases. Blueberry will make the music stand out in a far better way.

      Pairs With Food
      Blueberry pie
      Blueberry pie 100%
      Grilled meat
      Grilled meat 89%
      Grilled meat
      Grilled meat 94%

      Blueberry pie: Some people smoke Blueberry. Some people eat blueberries. But only those who have done both at the same time have truly lived.

      Grilled meat: Whether it’s salmon, steak, chicken, or lamb, our sweet tooth and love for salt are a closely matched couple. The unapologetically sweet Blueberry OG makes a perfect pairing.

      Soup: Blueberry is a smooth, strong flavor that complements soups in a really interesting way.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Irish Coffee
      Irish Coffee 89%
      Greyhound 94%
      Sidecar 98%

      Irish Coffee: Your hot coffee mixed with Irish whiskey and sugar will taste even more magical with Blueberry, which makes the bitterness of coffee more rewarding.

      Greyhound: The mix of grapefruit juice and gin/vodka provides the sweetness and bitterness that set Blueberry up to add to the deliciousness.

      Sidecar: Cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice create a warm, sweet indulgence that goes down easy — just like Blueberry.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      The origin of Blueberry lies with legendary breeder DJ Short, who began a quest for the optimal indica in the 1970s.

      Since then, the genetics have seen their share of variation, but the vibe remains the same. In 2000, High Times awarded Blueberry its highest honor: the annual Cannabis Cup for Best Indica.

      Blueberry OG Summary

      Choose Blueberry for a flavor-forward indica that keeps you happy and mellows you out while helping with stress, pain, and other ailments. It is a great choice for creative thinking and helping with insomnia.

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