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Welcome to our Marijuana Strain Finder. You’ve probably heard about cannabis or weed strains. They’re what give rise to the plethora of different choices you have whenever you enter a dispensary. They are part of what drive the growth and value of marijuana stocks. Hobbyists and industrial enterprises work for years to develop the perfect strains — but what exactly are they doing? Well, the answer is that they’re breeding cannabis plants to have the perfect blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, all to give you a particular experience when you partake. These people are artists, and the cannabis plant is their canvas. Their purpose is creating flavor that you can appreciate. Learn all about weed strains below.

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Strain F.A.Qs

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What is a Cannabis Strain?

A cannabis strain is a plant with a particular appearance, chemical profile, botanical ancestry, and, most importantly, a set of effects on the user.

Conventionally, the thinking has been as follows: There are three categories of marijuana — indica (which chills you out), sativa (which energizes you), and hybrid (which is somewhere between the two).

Modern science is turning this conventional understanding on its head, though. Lab testing shows blurred lines between the three categories, often with a certain strain in one category having the purported effect of another other, according to Healthline. This makes for less tidy labeling, but on the flip side, it also means there’s a universe of possibilities awaiting the weed geek.

How are New Strains Made?

Well, if you’re old enough to ask, you’re old enough to know: When a male cannabis plant loves a female cannabis plant VERY much, sometimes they make babies.

More specifically, the male plants (which produce no buds and hence are only there for breeding purposes) pollinate the female plants (which harbor all the sticky buds) to produce seeds.

A grower might form a new hybrid from two-parent strains they like on their own, but want to try for the best traits of each. To do this, they would place a male plant from one strain near a female plant of the other. This allows pollination to occur, after which the female plant will produce seeds containing genetic information from both parents.

By harvesting these seeds and cultivating them in isolation, the grower has made their own hybrid!

What are some popular Strains?

How Many Strains are There?

There are thousands of cannabis strains.

What is the best weed strain?

The best cannabis strain is a highly personal matter, and it depends on your preferences, what effects you’re going for, and how your body interacts with the strain’s chemical profile.

Whenever you decide to try a new strain, it’s a good idea to research its effects on people. Though marijuana has famously few serious adverse reactions, you may simply be in the mood for something with a different twist.

As always, be smart and enjoy everything this magical plant has to offer.

All Cannabis Strains

Superglue Strain — Get Super Glued (to the Closest Cushy Surface)

If the Superglue strain sounds like a potent, heavy-hitter, that’s because it most certainly is. This indica-dominant hybrid can be tough to find, but if you ...

Tropicana Cookies Strain — More Invigorating Than Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

If you’re a fan of sunny, sativa-heavy bud, the Tropicana Cookies strain certainly won’t disappoint. This insanely delicious hybrid is known for its juicy, ...

Monster Cookies Strain — Get Trippy and Tranquil

If you’re a fan of relaxing, body-buzz-inducing weed but want something that isn’t so potent it’ll immediately knock you out, the Monster Cookies strain is for ...

Animal Cookies Strain — Strong Enough to Sedate the Whole Zoo

A powerful indica with a sugary cookie flavor, Animal Cookies is easy to underestimate. But if you overindulge, you may find yourself spending the whole ...

Tangie Strain — Fruity, Fun, and Flat-Out Fantastic

If you’re looking for a jolt of energy, motivation, happiness, creativity, and clarity, the fruitylicious Tangie strain is for you. This sativa-leaning hybrid ...

SFV OG Strain — SoCal’s Take on OG Kush

Looking for an uplifting and reliable relaxant that won’t confine you to your couch? The SFV OG strain, also known as San Fernando Valley OG, is definitely ...

Sherblato Strain — A Delectable Daytime Smoke

The Sherblato strain is a rare, sativa-dominant hybrid of Sherbet and Gelato, two well-known and widely loved strains. If you’re looking for some mouthwatering ...

Stardawg Strain — Sparkling Like the Stars

Believed to be named after its tendency to sparkle with a generous dusting of large trichomes, Stardawg is a fun strain favored more for its effects than its ...

MK Ultra Strain — A Powerful Sleep Inducer

Forming dense nuggets that are thick with resin, MK Ultra is an indica-dominant strain that lives up to its mysterious name. Despite its powerful effects, most ...

Papaya Strain — Propel Yourself to Paradise

It’s happiness-inducing, heavy, and it’ll definitely make you hungry, so if you’re ready to float to paradise with some snacks in tow, the Papaya strain will ...

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