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gary payton strain

High in THC and very low in CBD, the Gary Payton strain is a unique variety with a powerful flavor that can only be described as gas-like. Named after the NBA Hall of Fame player with the same moniker, this weed is more likely to leave you on the couch watching the game than getting up and playing, thanks to a strong relaxing effect.

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Gary Payton Strain Information
9Expert Score
Gary Payton Strain Flavor Scale

Unlike other strains like Mango Kush with fruity or sweet notes, Gary Payton has a classic diesel flavor. This strain’s main notes are:

Smooth diesel
Burnt rubber
Classic pine

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      Gary Payton Strain Information

      Despite being slightly sativa dominant, this strain is relaxing and chill all the way. You’ll be apt to discuss your favorite stats or rewatch those classic games while indulging in Gary Payton. It’s not too different from other strains from the same breeder like Girl Scout Cookies OG in its balanced effects, but the flavor is definitely unique.

      Gary Payton Strain Effects

      Relaxed 93%
      Happy 82%
      Giggly 69%
      Helps With
      Depression 83%
      Anxiety 71%
      Insomnia & stress
      Insomnia & stress 68%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 61%
      Dry Eyes
      Dry Eyes 57%

      Gary Payton Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Trapboy Freddy — Gary Payton
      Trapboy Freddy — Gary Payton 73%
      Queen Naija — Medicine
      Queen Naija — Medicine 69%
      Nomads On The Run — 3PM
      Nomads On The Run — 3PM 51%

      Trapboy FreddyGary Payton: This song is about the strain, not the NBA player, so it’s practically obligatory listening when indulging. It also calls out many other popular strains by name, including Runtz.

      Queen NaijaMedicine: Float away on the winding groove of this jam to let go of your worries for another day.

      Nomads On The Run3PM: When the afternoon hits and it’s time for a Gary Payton break, put on this track to set the mood.

      Pairs With Food
      Rocky Road ice cream
      Rocky Road ice cream 78%
      Honey butter biscuits
      Honey butter biscuits 77%
      Smoked gouda
      Smoked gouda 58%

      Rocky Road ice cream: Let a sweet but not too sweet dessert soothe your tastebuds as you indulge in this spicy and flavorful strain.

      Honey butter biscuits: For a wake and bake session or a late brunch, try some warm biscuits with honey butter to complement this diesel strain.

      Smoked gouda: Bring out the smoky notes of the Gary Payton variety with smoked cheeses. Gouda is a great choice for its creaminess.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Almond Joy shot
      Almond Joy shot 70%
      Zinfandel 60%
      Vampire’s Punch
      Vampire’s Punch 56%

      Almond Joy shot: Between the creamy and chocolate flavors, this shot is perfect for balancing out the diesel notes of the Gary Payton strain.

      Zinfandel: Let the tart fruit notes of this wine bring out the pine and musky flavors of this strain.

      Vampire’s Punch: Prepare for a party with a batch of bright-red, cherry-flavored punch and a few bowls worth of Gary Payton.

      Where The Gary Payton Strain Is Grown

      Bred by Powerzzzup for Cookies, this is a true California strain.

      Gary Payton Strain Summary

      Give Gary Payton a try if you’re looking for something with classic flavor and a balance of both body and head effects.

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