Girl Scout Cookies Strain

girl scout cookies strain

Girl Scout Cookies Strain or GSC, is the loving result of a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. The combo produced an indica-leaning hybrid that’s beloved for its initial hit of euphoria followed by a warm, joyful relaxation of the entire body. The GSC strain features a THC content of between 25% and 28%, so it is geared toward those with a higher tolerance.

This strain is often prescribed to help patients with nausea, appetite loss, and chronic pain. For the average smoker, its pungent, sweet flavor and calming presence make it a wonderful friend.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain
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Lemon, cherry, and mint make up the flavor profile of the pungent yet sweet GSC strain.


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      Girl Scout Cookies OG Strain Information

      Girl Scout Cookies’ indica-heavy makeup comes from its parentage: Durban Poison and OG Kush. Its origins lay in the underground breeders, Cookie Fam, who are responsible for bestowing upon it a higher-than-average THC content. The strain flowers between 9 and 10 weeks. Today, it takes the podium with a number of Cannabis Cup awards.

      GSK Strain Effects

      Warm 89%
      Relaxed 96%
      Euphoria 90%
      Helps With
      Nausea 90%
      Appetite loss
      Appetite loss 93%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 96%
      Strong 95%

      Girl Scout Cookies weed strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Avett Brothers
      Avett Brothers 88%
      Phoebe Bridgers
      Phoebe Bridgers 93%
      Svavar Knútur
      Svavar Knútur 93%

      Avett Brothers: While this strain is a great nightcap, it’s also a social, fun, talkative strain for many. Enjoy the country stylings and lyrical wizardry of the Avett Brothers with it.

      Phoebe Bridgers: If diving into deep meanings and connections is your thing, you’ll love listening to Phoebe Bridgers — basically the late 2010s’ Elliott Smith.

      Svavar Knútur: Icelandic troubadour, comedian, and songster Svavar Knútur’s music is heartfelt and heart-wrenchingly gorgeous. Listen with GSC, and you’ll understand.

      Pairs With Food
      Late-night takeout
      Late-night takeout 94%
      Korean food
      Korean food 93%
      Girl Scout Cookies
      Girl Scout Cookies 100%

      Late-night takeout: If you’re a fan of grabbing some late-night takeout and bringing it back home, fire up some GSC to round off the experience.

      Korean food: Random? Sure. But the particular breeds of spices and rich flavors of Korean beef, BBQ, and other dishes sure sit well with this strain.

      Girl Scout cookies: Enjoy the ultimate double-whammy of goodness.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hot Toddy
      Hot Toddy 90%
      Negroni 91%
      Old Fashioned
      Old Fashioned 90%

      Hot Toddy: Ease yourself into a slumber with a delicious hot rum toddy and the GSC strain.

      Negroni: Sweet and satisfying — just like GSC.

      Old FashionedThis warm nightcap is a perfect companion for GSC at bedtime.

      Girl Scout Cookies - Frequently Asked Questions

      Where Girl Scout Cookies Strain is Grown

      GSC comes from the LA-based underground breeding collective known as Cookie Fam and is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush.

      How does Girl Scout Cookies Strain make you feel?

      This strain makes you feel great. It is one of the more calming and euphoric strains. This is why it is a fan favorite. 

      How much THC is in the Girl Scout Cookies strain?

      The Girl Scout Cookies weed strain has around  between 25% and 28% THC.

      How does Girl Scout Cookies weed strain taste?

      GSK strain has a lemon, citrus and fruity flavor profile.

      Is the Girl Scout Cookies strain Indica or Sativa?

      Girl Scout Cookies is a indica heavy strain but it is a hybrid. This means it contains sativa as well.

      What does Girl Scout Cookies strain help with?

      GSK has been prescribed to help people with nausea, appetite loss, and chronic pain.

      Girl Scout Cookies OG Summary

      Mellowing and potent, the GSC strain features a high THC content and a lightly pungent yet sweet aroma and flavor. Being a more indica-heavy hybrid, it is a good choice for later in the evening and delivers a euphoric first hit followed by a relaxing body buzz.

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