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Welcome to our Sativa Strain finder. Use this page to find information about the best sativa strains in the world. To quickly get around use the search bar above or table of contents below. Want to learn about all Marijuana Strains? Check out our Cannabis Strain Finder.

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Sativa Strain F.A.Qs

What are the Sativa Strains?

Sativa cannabis strains are named after sativa plants. Unlike indica strains, sativas tend to have more THC than CBD. They can be described as uplifting and energetic, making them great to start your day with or to enjoy while working on creative projects. Here’s what you need to know about sativa cannabis strains and their effects on your mind and body.

Effects of Sativa Cannabis Strains

Sativa strains of cannabis are better known for their cerebral, uplifting effects. In fact, sativas have been historically used to enhance creativity and stimulate social gatherings. These strains tend to produce more energetic effects that may help with certain conditions like stress, depression, fatigue, muscle spasms and headaches. Sativas also make for a great daytime smoke since they won’t put you to sleep like an indica strain might. Though they typically don’t deliver as strong of a body high as an indica might, it can still be a welcome relief for muscle pain or soreness.

How Many Sativa Strains are There?

There are thousands of sativa cannabis strains.

All Cannabis Sativa Strains

Lemon Haze Strain — Pass Your Days in a Cheerful Haze

Are you looking for some weed that’ll put you in a sunny, mellow mood and help you tackle your to-do list? The Lemon Haze strain might become your new go-to. ...

Aceh Strain — A Superb, Pure Sativa

If you’re a fan of classic sativas, the Aceh strain (also called Atjeh) should be right up your alley. This 100% pure sativa landrace is one of several ...

NightFire OG Strain: Feel the Burn

Count on the NightFire OG Strain to get you fired up in more ways than one! This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s known for its energizing and ...

Emperor Cookie Dough Strain — Find Your Groove

It’s safe to say the emperor found his groove with the  Emperor Cookie Dough Strain. This cross of Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies is praised for its ...

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