Maui Wowie Strain – Learn All About This Classic Strain

Maui Wowie is a daytime sativa that is like an extra lifted day at the beach. From the island of Hawaii this motivating, lifter of a strain packs a sweet island punch. Loved by enthusiasts across the globe it can benefit those suffering from pain or anguish, both physically and mentally. 

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The Maui Wowie strain has sweet tones to match the sweet waves of its origins.


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      Maui Wowie Information

      Originally from Hawaii, this sativa is a classic for its consistent sweet flavors and energizing elevation. Maui Wowie has rich aromas of fruit like pineapple that can leave you in a state of creative, driven euphoria.

      A great daytime strain, this sweet legend has hints of pineapple and can take you to high places, while motivating you throughout your day.  Maui Wowie is a favorite for medicinal users for generating an appetite, as well and relief from stress with uplifting vibes. 

      The sweet tones and warm effects pair delightfully with a light wine or beer.  There is a pine and peppery smoothness that also pairs with a smooth tequila, whether a repasado or añejo, with a bright citrus optional blend.

      Maui Wowie Effects

      Happy 63%
      Relaxed 59%
      Euphoric 54%
      Uplifted 47%
      Hungry 35%
      Helps with
      Stress 35%
      Depression 27%
      Anxiety 26%
      Pain 26%
      Insomnia 14%
      Dry mouth 26%
      Dry eyes 14%
      Dizzy 5%
      Paranoid 5%
      Anxious 4%

      Maui Wowie Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Jhené Aiko
      Party for Me 50%
      Maui Ninja
      The Green 66%
      Bob Marley & The Wailers
      Sun is Shining 90%
      Pairs With Food
      Mahi mahi Fish
      Or any light, flaky whitish fish 72%
      Pineapple anything
      (except pizza) 50%
      Coconut Shrimp
      Island tings 90%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Light Wine or Beer
      Citrus and bubbly 70%
      Reposado or añejo 50%
      Island Drinks
      Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Pain Killer, Sex on the Beach, Maui Island Breeze 99%

      Where The Maui Wowie Is Grown

      Maui Wowie Summary

      From the 1960’s in Hawaii, this tropical, fruity strain is uplifting and packs an island punch.  Maui Wowie has a longstanding reputation and unclear genetic past, but is grown in tropical climates and ideally volcanic island soil.  It has the right amount of THC.

      Maui Wowie is sweet, light and refreshing, this perky daytime flower is perfect for a day at the beach. While still motivating and creative, this warm lift will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine while getting you on your feet.

      Be sure to pair with an island beverage, or a nice light wine or beer if you’re not close to a swim-up bar.

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