Banana Kush OG

A cross between Skunk Haze and Ghost OG, Banana Kush is a delicious hybrid strain that leans roughly 60% indica. Smelling like fresh bananas and Kush and delivering a calm sense of euphoric mellowness, it’s a fantastic way to stir your creative pot, ease your anxiety in social situations, and get a good night’s sleep.

The Banana Kush strain is definitely a sleep-inducing variant and should be taken at nighttime or in the evening.

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banana kush og
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This strain is like burying your nose in a fresh basket of bananas. You’ll also note the scent of Kush buried delectably in the mix.


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      Banana Kush Information

      This hybrid strain is a mixture of Skunk Haze and Ghost OG and leans indica, making it an effective sedative. However, its 40% sativa makeup gives it a nice cerebral element in addition to its body buzz.

      It’s helpful for nausea and sleep disorders and may provide comfort for people suffering from migraines, eating disorders, glaucoma, and muscle spasms. It can come with minor side effects like headaches, paranoia, dry mouth/eyes, and some dizziness.

      Strain Effects

      Euphoria 98%
      Mellowness 97%
      Calm 99%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 96%
      Social Anxiety
      Social Anxiety 91%
      Creatiivity 96%
      Headache 76%
      Paranoia 66%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 67%

      Banana Kush Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Elliott Smith
      Elliott Smith 93%
      Brain Eno
      Brain Eno 91%
      Jónsi & Alex
      Jónsi & Alex 100%

      Elliott Smith: The Mozart of Indie Emo feels like a best friend is both spilling their heart to you and listening to your problems. Like Banana Kush, it’s perfect for dealin’ with feelin’s.

      Brain Eno: Try some ambient music to set the tone for a cozy night.

      Jónsi & Alex: The duo’s album “Riceboy Sleeps” is deceptively simple and repetitive but lulls you into a trance in the right mood. The Banana Kush strain joins forces flawlessly with this album.

      Pairs With Food
      Jamaican cuisine
      Jamaican cuisine 94%
      Sorbet 94%
      Pizza 97%

      Jamaican cuisine: Heavy on fruit flavors, Jamaican cuisine fits perfectly with Banana Kush.

      Sorbet: Provided the munchies don’t steer you to Binge Town, the cooling, refreshing taste of sorbet is a lovely counterpoint to Kush.

      Pizza: If you’re treating yourself to some comfort food, indulge in some thick-crust pizza with a couple of hits of the Banana Kush strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Daiquiri 97%
      Mojito 97%
      Mint Julep
      Mint Julep 95%

      Daiquiri: Hop on the fruit train and don’t get off.

      Mojito: The Cuban drink of choice brings a lightness to the proceedings that you’ll appreciate as this strain chills you out and guides you toward a great night’s sleep.

      Mint Julep: The refreshing pinch of mint will keep you engaged and present, while the smooth finish of bourbon will feel like pure ecstasy.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      This hybrid strain comes from Cali Kush, a female OG Kush, and a male Banana. Its creators are California-based DNA Genetics affiliate Crockett. It has between 18% and 20% THC and has a comparatively low but rewarding yield.

      Banana Kush Summary

      Banana Kush is an indica strain that delivers a compelling body high and a calming cerebral elevation. Enjoy its rich banana scent, and make sure to use it at night, as it will lull you toward a fantastic sleep.

      Banana Kush is no party-pooper, though, and can help you feel more comfortable in social settings.

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