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What is a cannabis grow tent? A grow tent is a temporary structure intended to help you grow marijuana indoors. Unless you have the space and money to modify your home permanently, a grow tent is an ideal solution for nurturing your inner horticulturist while saving some moolah.

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If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you probably need to learn a little about grow tents. The cultivation of cannabis is and remains an exciting hobby that can be practiced both indoors and outdoors. However, growing cannabis outdoors in nature has the major disadvantage of the uncontrollability of the weather. Especially in zones where the weather is not ideal for growing cannabis, indoor growing is increasingly common.

The two primary things you need to grow weed indoors are patience and a grow tent.

What is a Cannabis Grow Tent?

If you want to grow weed inside your home, you either need a grow tent or an entire room designed to grow cannabis. You can bet that a grow tent will be more cost-effective and less conspicuous. Using a grow tent, you can control and regulate temperature, lighting, irrigation, fertilization, and the grow duration.

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Benefits of Using a Grow Tent

Growing cannabis indoors does require more attention than growing outdoors. But once you have mastered the ins and outs of growing indoors, you can achieve high-quality results over and over again.

Total Control

Having complete control over temperature, humidity, and lighting is the most significant benefit of growing indoors. When growing outdoors, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. Growing indoors allows you to create optimal conditions and give the plants the illusion of an endlessly perfect summer.

Large, High-Quality Harvests

Your harvest will be correspondingly rich if your weed continuously grows in an optimal climate. The flowers become larger and denser, and the THC content can also increase significantly because of the perfect environment. You can usually see these differences clearly when comparing an outdoor plant with an indoor plant.

Variety Possibilities are Endless

Another amazing advantage of a grow tent is the freedom to choose seeds. When growing outdoors, limit yourself to the varieties that grow best in your local outdoor climate. With indoor growing, you can create any climate yourself. You could even grow tropical sativa strains like Thai Haze in cold regions all winter long.

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Miscellaneous Equipment for Growing Cannabis Indoors

You’ll need a few other things to grow cannabis indoors, but this list of miscellaneous items doesn’t really deviate much from supplies needed to garden or grow tomatoes outdoors.

Pots for Your Pot

Most grow tents available for purchase are square, so buy square pots for your plants. Purchase a variety of sizes and use the biggest pots that fit and make sense in your grow tent. The size of your planter pot determines soil fertilization, which always requires accuracy.


Use soil that’s already fertilized. That way, you won’t have to buy different fertilizers, and you’ll avoid the risk of over-fertilization. Over-fertilization occurs quickly in small pots, which is why we recommend using larger pots. Look for organic soil that doesn’t need fertilization or pH measurements.


Timers are indispensable for indoor cultivation. Your cannabis plant babies need a specific time cycle of light and dark. You could set alarms and manually switch lights off and on through the days and weeks, but it would be awfully tedious. A timer attached to your grow lights automates time cycles for you.

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What Cannabis Grow Tent is Suitable for My Indoor Cultivation?

Of course, the most essential appliance is the grow tent or grow box. This structure is your plant’s home, and plants need room to grow and flourish. Choose the number of marijuana plants you want to grow before buying a cannabis grow tent because the dimensions are relevant for purchasing additional equipment.

How Much Does a Cannabis Grow Tent Cost?

You’re probably wondering what a grow tent costs. Their affordability might surprise you. If you want to grow three cannabis plants or fewer, a simple 2’ x 2’ tent costs about $120. Not bad, right? If you’re growing up to four plants, a 3’ x 3’ tent costs around $200. If you want something even bigger than that, you can plan on spending $300 or more.

Considering the savings of growing your own weed, a grow tent, and a green thumb could save you lots of cash in the long run.

Growing Indoors Vs. Outdoors

Growers expose outside plants to unpredictable weather, insects, critters, and nosy neighbors. But growing weed indoors depends on the gardener’s expertise. Using a grow tent to grow cannabis is rewarding and gratifying work, but it’s more complex than growing plants outdoors. It requires more attention and has ongoing costs.

Indoor growing gives you total control over light, temperature, fertilization, and watering; no bugs, no free-loading bunnies, and no peepers peering over your fence. Once you become an expert in lighting, humidity, and temperature, you can achieve much better and more consistent results growing cannabis indoors than outdoors.


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