Sticky Buns Strain — Sweet and Creamy Stress Relief

Insanely delicious with an exquisite high to match its tantalizing taste experience, the Sticky Buns strain is known for its extremely resinous, sticky buds and well-balanced effects. Just a few tokes of this balanced hybrid will have you flying high in a state of creative, cerebral euphoria while your body succumbs to peaceful relaxation.

If you’re looking for potent stress relief, the Sticky Buns strain is the perfect bud for your bake sesh. But if you’re gonna indulge, it’s probably best to start baking later in the day — this sticky bud will have your tush stuck to your couch before you know it.

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Sticky Buns Strain
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Creamy and sugary sweet, the Sticky Buns strain is a delectable combo of fresh dough and nutty vanilla with notes of cinnamon, herbs, and spice on the exhale. The three main flavors in Sticky Buns are:

Sweet dough

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      Sticky Buns Strain Information

      The Sticky Buns strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa, 50% indica) with an average THC content of 20%-22% and a CBG content of about 1%. This bud blends the effects of its parent strains — Kush Mints and Gellati — super well, delivering an initial creative, euphoric, cerebral buzz that’ll have you mentally energized and focused.

      While your mind is awash in waves of euphoria, Sticky Buns will coax your physical form into a state of deep relaxation and, ultimately, heavy couch-lock. Its blended mind-body effects and relatively high THC content make this strain excellent for addressing chronic stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, nausea, and appetite loss.

      Sticky Buns Strain Effects

      Creative 84%
      Euphoric 70%
      Uplifted and relaxed
      Uplifted and relaxed 69%
      Helps With
      Stress 93%
      Depression & Anxiety
      Depression & Anxiety 87%
      Headaches 77%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 71%
      Head Pressure
      Head Pressure 64%
      Mild Paranoia
      Mild Paranoia 58%

      Sticky Buns Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Milky Chance — Flashed Junked Mind
      Milky Chance — Flashed Junked Mind 73%
      Chet Faker — No Diggity
      Chet Faker — No Diggity 67%
      Khalid — Eleven
      Khalid — Eleven 60%

      Milky Chance — Flashed Junked Mind

      Sticky Buns is great at keeping your mind lifted even while your body melts into your couch. Let this funky, enlivened jam lift your spirits while you get your brain buzz on.

      Chet Faker — No Diggity

      Mellow and silky, Nick Murphy’s rendition of this Blackstreet jam is perfectly minimalist and the perfect chilled-out accompaniment to your mind-body Sticky Buns buzz.

      Khalid — Eleven

      Khalid’s soothing vocals and chilled beats are perfect for your Sticky Buns bake sesh. Light up, kick back, relax, and let this tune carry you away.

      Pairs With Food
      Maple pecan sticky buns
      Maple pecan sticky buns 70%
      Vanilla ice cream
      Vanilla ice cream 60%
      Crème Brûlée
      Crème Brûlée 53%

      Maple pecan sticky buns: A no-brainer. While you burn some Sticky Buns, sink your teeth into these gooey, nutty, brown sugar, and maple-glazed goodies. They’re a match made in heaven.

      Vanilla ice cream: Rich and creamy, a bowl of vanilla ice cream tastes incredible alongside a bowl of Sticky Buns. If you really wanna go for it, top some actual sticky buns with vanilla ice cream and send your palate off to heaven.

      Crème Brûlée: Rich and indulgent, the creamy vanilla custard and caramelized sugar in this classic French dessert pair wonderfully with a few tokes of Sticky Buns.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Crème Brûlée
      Crème Brûlée 63%
      Old fashioned
      Old fashioned 60%
      Hot buttered rum
      Hot buttered rum 50%

      Brandy Alexander: Creamy and indulgent, this cognac-based cocktail is excellent paired with Sticky Buns. Go heavy on the cognac and light on the sweet stuff for the best flavor complement.

      Old fashioned: Smooth and silky, this centuries-old staple cocktail offers a refreshing and slightly spicy contrast to the sugary sweet, vanilla notes in Sticky Buns.

      Hot buttered rum: Rich, silky, soothing, and perfect for a relaxing evening sip and rip sesh. Hot buttered rum paired with Sticky Buns is an excellent recipe for nighttime stress relief.

      Where The Sticky Buns Strain Is Grown

      The Sticky Buns strain is a collaboration between two highly regarded cannabis breeders — Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. A cross between Gellati and Kush Mints, this sweet baby bud is relatively new to the cannabis scene, which may make it a little tough to find.

      Sticky Buns Strain Summary

      If you’re on the hunt for a long-lasting, blended, mind-body high, make Sticky Buns your baked good of choice. Great for mental and physical stress relief, this delicious bud is best reserved for an early evening or nighttime bake-off since it’ll eventually have you so relaxed, you’ll nod off to sleep. If you enjoy this sweet treat, put the similarly balanced Platinum Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, and Birthday Cake strains on your baking list.

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