Berry Pie Strain — Only the Juiciest

Looking for a pie that won’t pack the pounds on your hips? Berry Pie is the perfect dessert for closing out a tough day. It may be calorie-free, but it’s full of sweet berry and pastry flavor, much like Cherry Pie. You’ll also enjoy the heavy relaxation it offers.

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Berry Pie Strain
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Berry Pie Flavor Scale

Like a hot pie fresh from the oven, this strain has primary notes of:

Sweet cream
Sour notes

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      Berry Pie Strain Information

      With a smooth and sweet flavor, Berry Pie is made for dessert connoisseurs. Yet, it still packs plenty of punch behind its creamy notes, putting you out in a relaxed yet creative state after just a few puffs.

      Berry Pie Strain Effects

      Relaxation 92%
      Creativity 69%
      Uplifting 45%
      Helps With
      Stress 70%
      Anxiety 57%
      Fatigue 45%

      None reported.

      Berry Pie Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Autograf — Dream
      Autograf — Dream 78%
      Forest Swords — The Weight of Gold
      Forest Swords — The Weight of Gold 77%
      Beach Boys — I’m Waiting for the Day
      Beach Boys — I’m Waiting for the Day 83%

      AutografDream: Transform the everyday into the sublime by putting on this entrancing song and indulging in a little Berry Pie.

      Forest SwordsThe Weight of Gold: Once you’re deep in a creative streak inspired by this strain, you’ll find this song boosts you to even greater heights.

      Beach BoysI’m Waiting for the Day: Put this cheerful song on, and you might just find yourself baking a fresh Berry Pie to go along with it.

      Pairs With Food
      Strawberry shortcake
      Strawberry shortcake 75%
      Fried chicken
      Fried chicken 64%
      French fries
      French fries 50%

      Strawberry shortcake: Aside from the obvious pairing of pie, a fresh strawberry shortcake with plenty of whipped cream is perfect for enjoying this strain.

      Fried chicken: Since there’s a slight hint of caramelized waffle flavor in this strain, consider pairing it with a classic—fried chicken.

      French fries: Some people just can’t get enough of the combination of fruit pie and fried potatoes. Give this a whirl yourself by snacking on fries while puffing Berry Pie.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Moscato 74%
      Coffee Ale
      Coffee Ale 71%
      Cognac 67%

      Moscato: For a wine that has berry flavors of its own with a tart profile to cut through the sweetness, try a Moscato.

      Coffee Ale: Rich coffee notes make you feel like you’re indulging in coffee and a slice of pie while you’re getting crossfaded instead.

      Cognac: The sweet berry flavors will bring out the spice and caramel notes of a finely aged cognac.

      Berry Pie Strain History

      Another hit from classic California breeders, Cookies, Berry Pie comes from the genetics of Blueberry OG and Girl Scout Cookies.

      Berry Pie Strain Summary

      This is one pie you won’t want to miss, especially at Thanksgiving. Make Berry Pie a part of your routine to enjoy a fresh slice of pie anytime you want without worrying about the calories.

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