Georgia Pie — Southern Peaches Double Baked

georgia pie strain

The Georgia Pie strain is incredible. Ready to enjoy getting baked in both ways? Savor the sweet syrupy peach cobbler flavor while getting energized by its combination of calming and uplifting effects. It’s similar to Apple Fritter in its flavor and hybrid effects.

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Georgia Pie Strain
10Expert Score
Georgia Pie Flavor Scale

Each puff of the Georgia Pie strain reveals notes of:

Peach cobbler
Fresh-cut fruit
Savory baked goods

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      Georgia Pie Strain Information

      Sweet and peachy with a slight savory note, this is one complex strain from Cookies. It’s a potent strain high in THC and CBD alike, providing both a powerful head and body high at the same time. The fruity flavors are somewhat similar to the potent taste of Grape Ape.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxing body high
      Relaxing body high 96%
      Stimulating head high
      Stimulating head high 81%
      Pain relief 77%
      Helps With
      Depression 84%
      Chronic Pain
      Chronic Pain 79%
      Stress & Anxiety
      Stress & Anxiety 72%
      Anxious 69%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 58%

      Georgia Pie Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Justin Bieber — Peaches
      Justin Bieber — Peaches 82%
      Warpaint — Bees
      Warpaint — Bees 73%
      Jungle — Keep Moving
      Jungle — Keep Moving 61%

      Justin BieberPeaches: It’s a fitting song since the peaches mentioned in the song come from Georgia while the weed comes from California, which is true for this strain as well.

      WarpaintBees: Focus on the honey sweetness of this strain with an equally potent hit from Warpaint.

      JungleKeep Moving: Get the energy to push through anything by pairing a few hits of Georgia Pie with this funky hit.

      Pairs With Food
      Grilled chicken wings
      Grilled chicken wings 72%
      Mushroom mini-pies
      Mushroom mini-pies 65%
      Coffee toffee
      Coffee toffee 61%

      Grilled chicken wings: The assertive flavors of grilled and tossed chicken wings are a great fit for pairing with the sweetness of this syrupy strain.

      Mushroom mini-pies: Bring out the savory baked notes of this strain with mushroom mini-pies you can snack on while smoking.

      Coffee toffee: For a buzz of sugar and caffeine to round out the Georgia Pie experience, pair it with coffee toffee.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bourbon Pecan Pie
      Bourbon Pecan Pie 79%
      Cream stout
      Cream stout 63%
      Peach Smash cocktail
      Peach Smash cocktail 53%

      Bourbon Pecan Pie: This cocktail has the buttery caramel notes of pecan pie, making it a perfect way to round out the holiday selection with Georgia Pie.

      Cream stout: Creamy and bitter flavors combine to cut through the peachy flavors of this strain.

      Peach Smash cocktail: Get smashed with a fresh peach-based cocktail that brings out the cobbler flavors.

      Where Georgia Pie Strain Is Grown

      This strain hails from California and has a bright green appearance with bold orange hairs.

      Georgia Pie Strain Summary

      When you need a peach pie to brighten up your day but it’s not the right season, try reaching for Georgia Pie instead. This calming and euphoric strain is a balanced hybrid with powerful effects, much like the Runtz variety with its candy-like flavors.

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