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apple fritter strain

The Apple Fritter Strain is delicious and fruity like the taste of Apple Fritter, a perfectly balanced 50% indica and 50% sativa strain. It’s known for a potent and long-lasting high that will offer a mixture of effects. Your mind will be active, but the Apple Fritter weed strain will relax your body as well. This hybrid is a hard hitter, so novice smokers should toke in moderation. While there have been many other fruit-flavored strains featuring blueberry, strawberry, and even pineapple, this is one of the few varieties to capture a true apple flavor. Break it out to celebrate when fall rolls around or anytime of the year if you’re craving a trip to the orchard. Thanks to its growing popularity, maybe one day autumn will be Apple Fritter season rather than the time for pumpkin spice.

Apple Fritter Strain
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Fresh from the deep fryer, Apple Fritter teases the tastebuds with hints of buttery pastry with toasted notes for depth and caramelization. There’s even a light cheesiness that is reminiscent of cheese danish, not to mention the taste of apples covered in melted butter and brown sugar. You’ll think you’ve been transported to the bakery each time you light up some of this powerful strain. Apple Fritter strain has similar flavors to the fruity pastry.


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Apple Fritter Strain Information

Shrouded with some mystery, the Apple Fritter strain has nonetheless earned a good reputation across the West Coast. Hailing from Northern California, Apple Fritter is yet another fun variety to come out of wine country. 

Yet the breeder remains unknown. What is known is that Sour Apple and Animal Cookies are the two main parents of this hybrid. Some say that Lumpy’s Flowers is responsible for the cross. It is a strain shrouded in mystery, but it’s believed to have started showing up on the market in 2013. It’s less well-known in the East. Yet it is gaining popularity there as well. 

The THC content varies but can run as high as 28% on average. Few strains produce as much tingling and other body effects as this one. It can be a little intimidating if you’re not prepared for it, but medical marijuana patients who need pain and cramp relief swear by Apple Fritter. Other smokers choose it for flavor alone since the apple taste is somewhat unique among sweet strains.

In terms of effects, the calming yet stimulating results are reminiscent of the Mint Chocolate Chip strain. Yet it can be even stronger than many other popular strains, so use it with caution until you know your tolerance for it. The buds are dense and tightly packed, with a light color thanks to the thick layer of frosty trichomes.

The fritter strain is known for having one of the most substantial highs out there. This strain is full of flavor.

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Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Apple Fritter Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Adult Jazz — Springful
Angele — Flou
Seapony — Nobody Knows

Adult Jazz — Springful

Adult Jazz is a lesser-known band that uses a unique mixture of instruments and sounds. You’ll be able to relax while the music stimulates your mind.

Angele — Flou

French pop icon Angele has a beautiful voice who has her own record company. While you’re high, check out her Colors videos on YouTube.

Seapony — Nobody Knows

Seapony is an indie-pop group that makes dreamy psychedelic masterpieces. Their album is perfect for that creative boost but also chill enough for falling asleep.

Pairs With Food

Cinnamon Baked Apples

Pastries: While high from Apple Fritter, you may be wishing to indulge in a nice croissant or a freshly baked pie. This opportunity is the best time to check out a nearby bakery for all of their sweet treats.

Coffee: This strain can make your mind creative, but your body might be too tired to accomplish anything. Grab a nice refreshing cup of hot coffee and get creative and productive.

Cinnamon Baked Apples: This dessert is a southern classic to match the taste of Apple Fritter, and it’s effortless to make (and even easier to eat).

Pairs With Spirits

Sour Appletini
Poison Apple Cider Cocktail

Sangria: To match the sweet taste of Apple Fritter, pair it with one of the sweetest wines there is. Make sure yours includes fresh apples to pair.

Sour Appletini: Maybe instead of the sweeter route, you’re interested in more exciting, sour options. An appletini (a spin-off of a martini) made with vodka is a perfect option for that sour cocktail you’re craving.

Poison Apple Cider Cocktail: This recipe includes edible glitter and rum, making you feel like you’re drinking a magical potion rather than an average cocktail.

Apple Fritter Strain Aroma

Sweet apples and earthy pine are the dominant aromas of this strain. It’s harder to detect the citrus and spice notes that are so obvious on the tongue when you exhale.

Top 8 Strains Similar to Apple Fritter

Dosi Punch 

Relaxing and sweet flavored, the Dosi Punch strain is a good alternative to Apple Fritter if you can’t find it.

Sour Apple

Try the parent strain that gives this variety its fruity flavor and its relaxing indica effects.

OG Kush 

Many compare Apple Fritter to this strain, but it’s often easier to find than that lauded variety.

Northern Lights

Looking for another strain that can offer a high level of THC? Choose Northern Lights for a truly relaxing experience.

Liquid Butter

Creamy and buttery flavors link the Liquid Butter strain to this variety. Try mixing them together for a truly decadent experience.

Purple Kush

For a great grape flavor, look out for Purple Kush. It has a similar bud color to the Apple Fritter strain.

Cake Batter

Get baked with a dessert strain that tastes like dipping your finger in the bowl while you’re mixing. Cake Batter has similar effects to Apple Fritter as well.


You’ll feel Sherblato after a couple of tokes of this powerful strain. It’s sweet and creamy, just right to end the day.

Growing The Apple Fritter Strain

These plants aren’t too tall, and they respond well to limited trimming, making them a good choice for indoor growing environments where space is limited. It doesn’t have much resistance to disease or pests, so you’ll need to give it great care. The plants need between 65 and 70 days to flower, or they’ll tend to bloom in October when grown outdoors.

For indoor cultivation, high humidity is a must. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air exchanged around the Apple Fritter plants to get the most out of them.

Where is the Apple Fritter Strain Grown?

You can find Apple Fritter strain throughout the state of California.

The Full Flavor Terpenes of Apple Fritter Strain

The flavor of this strain is largely dependent on the combination of Phellandrene and Limonene. Aside from these two sweet and sour dominant terpenes, Apple Fritter is also rich in Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. This creates a complex flavor and aroma that reminds you of a bakery treat. With a high terpene content, it’s a great variety for people who find other strains too one-note or boring.

Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain Frequently Asked Questions

How much THC in Apple Fritter Strain

The Apple Fritter Marijuana strain has 26% THC.

Is the Apple Fritter strain Indica or Sativa?

The Apple Fritter Marijuana strain is a hybrid strain that is both Indica and Sativa.

What strains were crossed to make Apple Fritter?

This strain resulted from a cross of the Sour Apple and Animal Cookies strains.

Who bred Apple Fritter?

The Apple Fritter strain was created by Lumpy’s Flowers of Northern California.

How long is Apple Fritter in flower?

It begins flowering around 9 to 10 weeks and takes about two weeks to finish flowering.

Apple Fritter Strain Summary

This strain is perfect for those who are trying to be perfectly balanced in all things. The sweet flavor enhances the mixture of mind and body high. For other balanced hybrids, check out Trainwreck and White Widow.

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Dr Zoffer


Apple Fritter was created by Lumpy Farms .. I would mot advise anyone to consume Apple fritter and Alcohol unless you desire your experience being spent horizontal with a barf bag. Don't consume apple fritter if your under the influence of Alcohol.. I have seen it drop people that have had only 2 drinks. Mixing cannabis and alcohol is never a good idea it can render people totally helpless and incoherent. PTFO.. BEING GOOD STEWARDS OF THE GENUS WE SHOULD NEVER OFFER OPINION OR ADVICE THAT IF ACTED UPON COULD HAVE ILL EFFECTS UPON OTHERS. Respectfully Dr.Zoffer

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