Honey Bun Strain — A Sweet Treat

If you’re looking for a sweet taste from a 50/50 strain that offers both equal sativa and indica effects, you’ve found it in Honey Bun. As the name suggests, this tasty and sunny strain offers all the flavors of a freshly baked treat.

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Honey Bun Strain
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Honey Bun Strain Flavor Scale

Light, sweet, and herbal, this strain is aptly named. Its main flavor notes include:

Sweet grass/hay
Fresh bread

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      Honey Bun Strain Information

      With a bright green bud featuring yellow and orange hairs, Honey Bun is distinctive and looks as fun as it feels. As a balanced blend of both types of marijuana, it can provide varying THC levels but is reported to be powerful regardless of the exact percentage. It’s similar to other sweet strains like Ice Cream Cake and Do-Si-Dos.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxation 82%
      Hungry/Munchies 77%
      Mood Uplifting
      Mood Uplifting 68%
      Helps With
      Pain 81%
      Depression 78%
      Lack of Appetite
      Lack of Appetite 62%
      Heaviness 43%

      Honey Bun Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Robyn — Honey
      Robyn — Honey 86%
      Roddy Ricch — Late at Night
      Roddy Ricch — Late at Night 74%
      Chaka Khan — Like Sugar
      Chaka Khan — Like Sugar 66%

      Robyn — Honey: Chill and give in to the heavier effects of this strain while letting the dulcet tones of Robyn carry you away in this syrupy song.

      Roddy Ricch — Late at Night: This smooth and relaxing track helps you bring out the indica side of the Honey Bun strain.

      Chaka Khan — Like Sugar: Keep it sweet with a Chaka Khan song for the ages. The upbeat pop will help you get active.

      Pairs With Food
      Homemade honey buns
      Homemade honey buns 86%
      Guava or lychee
      Guava or lychee 69%
      Teriyaki chicken
      Teriyaki chicken 57%

      Homemade honey buns: This classic break-time snack is an obvious perfect pair for Honey Bun, but give them a homemade spin to control exactly how sweet and fresh they are.

      Guava or lychee: Peeling fresh lychee or enjoying sweet guavas can really bring out the fruit notes of this strain.

      Teriyaki chicken: For a main course that matches the sweet flavors of this strain, consider teriyaki chicken from your favorite takeout place.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Mailbu sunset
      Mailbu sunset 81%
      Honey liqueur
      Honey liqueur 75%
      Wheat-heavy beers
      Wheat-heavy beers 65%

      Mailbu sunset: Looking for a fruity drink to highlight the honey tastes of this fresh strain? Make a Malibu Sunset, and don’t forget the cherry garnish.

      Honey liqueur: Any of the popular honey liqueurs is a great way to bring out the sweet and even bread-like notes of Honey Bun.

      Wheat-heavy beers: For an afternoon session with your Honey Bun, bring along a wheat-based beer with a bright and sweet flavor.

      Where The Honey Bun Strain Is Grown

      San Francisco-based breeders, Cookies, created this legendary strain from a cross of Gelatti and Honey B genetics. Other great California strains include LA Confidential. The combination of the upbeat sativa and calming indica strains created a balanced taste profile that is sweet, nutty, and very distinctly honey-flavored.

      Honey Bun Strain Summary

      Give this strain a try, and you may have just found your new Honey Bun. With a sweet flavor and balanced effects, it’s a must-have for mid-day relaxation.

      9.8 Total Score

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