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cereal milk strain

The Cereal Milk Strain is one of our favorites. If the milk left at the bottom of the bowl is our favorite part of the eating cereal, then you’ll love this strain too. The Cereal Milk strain is similar to Sherbet OG. Through the wizardry of hybridization, this 50/50 blend of indica and sativa genetics offers a tasty sweet milk flavor. Fun fact: Some people refer to this strain as the cereal and milk strain.

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Cereal Milk Strain
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This strain lives up to its name. Of course, there’s a light pine or herbal flavor beneath it all to keep it classic. Its main flavors are:

Sweet milk
Ice cream
Fresh herbs

      AVO Ratings



      18 -23%




      Cereal Milk Strain Information

      Crafted to relax the body while promoting creativity and focus, Cereal Milk strain is a balanced hybrid with a tasty flavor. The buds look sugarcoated due to the tremendous trichomes, adding to its cereal theme. Cereal Milk strain terpenes are perfect for making edibles especially deserts. 

      Cereal Milk Strain Effects

      Relaxation 75%
      Happy 65%
      Sleep 61%
      Helps With
      Anxiety 81%
      Depression 78%
      Insomnia 75%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 36%
      Paranoia 27%

      Cereal Milk Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Love & Special Sauce — Milk and Cereal
      Love & Special Sauce — Milk and Cereal 79%
      Seeb x Emelie Hollow — Safe Zone
      Seeb x Emelie Hollow — Safe Zone 71%
      Slushii x Marshmello — Twinbow
      Slushii x Marshmello — Twinbow 61%

      Love & Special Sauce — Milk and Cereal: You’ll be feeling the possessive lyrics of this song after you get a taste of the Cereal Milk strain.

      Seeb x Emelie Hollow — Safe Zone: Get comfortable and comforted by this slow chill jam as you unwind after a long day with this strain.

      Slushii x Marshmello — Twinbow: Let the techno carry you away as this song that’s as sugary as breakfast cereal soothes you.

      Pairs With Food
      Cereal bars
      Cereal bars 89%
      Ice cream sundaes
      Ice cream sundaes 74%
      Jalapeno poppers
      Jalapeno poppers 64%

      Cereal bars: Pick up a pack of Rice Krispies treats, or make your own out of almost any cereal plus melted marshmallows.

      Ice cream sundaes: Just like with the Ice Cream Cake strain, this creamy variety is perfect for pairing with an ice cream sundae.

      Jalapeno poppers: Hot spices are great for balancing out sweet and creamy flavors. Just don’t expect Cereal Milk to actually cool your mouth down if it’s burning!

      Pairs With Spirits
      White Russian
      White Russian 79%
      Cinnamon liqueur
      Cinnamon liqueur 78%
      Dark beer
      Dark beer 50%

      White Russian: A milk-based cocktail is a classic pairing with Cereal Milk, and none are as famous as the coffee-flavored White Russian.

      Cinnamon liqueur: Cinnamon and sweet milk go together naturally. Just be ready for the burn, especially if you’re taking shots.

      Dark beer: A dark beer with a creamy finish and a strong malt flavor is great for bringing out the toasted notes of this strain.

      Cereal Milk Strain Frequently Aked Questions

      Is the Cereal Milk Strain Indica or Sativa?

      The Cereal Milk strain is a hybrid strain which is a mix of indica and sativa.

      What is The Cereal Milk Strain?

      The Cereal Milk strain is a hybrid strain from Cookies brand of strains.

      How much THC in Cereal Milk Cannabis Strain?

      Cereal Milk has 18% to 23% THC.

      Where The Cereal Milk Strain Is Grown

      With anywhere from 18% to 23% THC, this strain comes from the well-known Cookies breeder. It’s a combination of Y-Life and Snowman strains, creating the perfect sweet and creamy dream.

      Cereal Milk Strain Summary

      If you’re a lover of sweet strains like Strawberry OG, Gelato and Wedding Cake then give the Cereal strain a try. This ground-breaking variety could be just what you need to elevate a regular day.

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