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wedding cake strain

Just because the Wedding Cake strain is an indica-heavy hybrid strain, doesn’t mean it’ll keep you from enjoying the party, dancing, and performing the wedding night post-nuptials. The Wedding Cake strain is a highly popular cross between GSC and Cherry Pie, and the name notwithstanding, it tends to taste tangy, sour, and creamy.

Its THC content ranges between 16% and 25%, and its effects are well rounded, making it a popular choice for both fun and medical purposes. Expect a harsh intake and sweet exhale.

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Wedding Cake Strain
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Wedding Cake Flavor Scale

Wedding Cake features creaminess, tanginess, and sourness.


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      Wedding Cake Strain Information

      The Wedding Cake strain resulted from a cross of GSC and Cherry Pie, with its origins traced to breeders Seed Junky Genetics. Its flowers are large, colorful, and packed with THC, with orange pistils and a highly sticky texture.

      Wedding Cake Strain Effects

      Fun 97%
      Creativity 94%
      Euphoria 90%
      Helps With
      Moodiness 98%
      Writer's Block
      Writer's Block 91%
      Productivity 91%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 96%

      Wedding Cake Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      ’80s music
      ’80s music 88%
      Daft Punk
      Daft Punk 98%
      Empire of the Sun
      Empire of the Sun 95%

      ’80s music: Throw on some Michael Jackson, Abba, Elton, and Rick Astley and dance off that initial giddiness.

      Daft Punk: From disco to electronica and beyond, Daft Punk will provide a pulsing heartbeat to your high.

      Empire of the Sun: Nothing feels quite as good as the chorus of “Walking on a Dream.” Well, except maybe that chorus plus Wedding Cake.

      Pairs With Food
      Stir Fry
      Stir Fry 96%
      Lasagna 95%
      Waffles 97%

      Stir Fry: Whip out the wok and enjoy the salty, flavorful richness of stir fry with Wedding Cake to sweeten the deal.

      Lasagna: The rich, cheesy gut-love of lasagna will be matched by the calming journey of Wedding Cake.

      Waffles: Try breakfast for dinner with some maple syrup and fruit.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Gimlet 94%
      Long Island Iced Tea
      Long Island Iced Tea 97%
      Tequila Sunrise
      Tequila Sunrise 96%

      Gimlet: Gin and lime juice will wake you up and make that delayed body buzz feel that much better when it arrives.

      Long Island Iced Tea: Perfect for warm weather, this vodka cocktail goes down great with Wedding Cake.

      Tequila Sunrise: As festive and uplifting as they come, a Tequila Sunrise is a perfect companion to this strain.

      Wedding Cake Strain Terpenes & Flavor Profile

      The Wedding Cake strain has a delicious flavor profile as mentioned above. Their terpenes are.
      Pinene 0.05%
      Myrcene 0.17%
      Ocimene 0.01%
      Camphene 0.15%
      Humulene 0.06%
      Limonene 0.17%

      Wedding Cake Strain growing info

      growing wedding cake strain

      Wedding Cake strain is a great choice if you have experience growing cannabis. Wedding Cake can be grown both indoors and outdoors. 

      Flowering time usually takes between 7-9 weeks. This this strain offers an average yield and is amazing.

      If you are new to growing here are some tips on growing the wedding cake strain.

      Growing Wedding Cake Strain Outdoors

      Make sure to use fertile soil, enough water, watch your light cycles and have the time to care for the plant.

      Growing Wedding Cake Strain Indoors

      Make sure to use proper grow lights, a grow tent if you have space and ensure that the lights are the proper height away from the plant.

      Wedding Cake Strain Frequently Asked Questions

      How much THC in the Wedding Cake strain?

      Wedding cake has about 16% and 25% THC.

      Does the Wedding Cake Strain get you high?

      Yes, the wedding cake strain will get you high.

      Is the Wedding Cake weed strain an exotic strain?

      Wedding cake is arguable an exotic strain. What can’t be argued is its popularity. People love this strain.

      Is the Wedding Cake strain good for sleep?

      Wedding strain can help with sleep because it makes you feel euphoric. It will put you in a good mood.

      What does the Wedding Cake strain help with?

      Wedding cake helps with productivity. 

      Is the Wedding Cake strain indica or sativa?

      Wedding cake strain is a hybrid indica dominate cannabis strain.

      What is Wedding Cake Weed?

      Wedding cake weed is a popular hybrid weed strain.

      How does wedding cake weed strain taste?

      Wedding cake weed strain taste tangy, sour, and creamy.

      Where is The Wedding Cake Strain Grown?

      Seed Junky Genetics is a US grower credited with coming up with the original Wedding Cake strain. Its parentage includes Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie — a flavor combo that creates unexpected deliciousness and occasionally provides a whiff of cake icing.

      Wedding Cake Summary

      The Wedding Cake strain gets you high pretty quickly, treating you to an initial period of creativity, quick thinking, and euphoric giddiness.

      After an hour or so, this bud’s high THC content and indica nature will give you a classic body high that spreads through your limbs and spine. The Wedding Cake strain is perfect at night time, parties, or for experimenting with a bit of spice in your love life.

      We highly recommend this strain for make infusions like:


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