Sherbet OG Strain

The Sherbet OG strain, also called Sunset Sherbet or simply Sherbet, is a delightful hybrid that tends strongly toward indica. Potent with a THC content of around 18%, this hazy, relaxing strain blends the best of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

It provides a rush of full-body calm along with stimulated head work, while an intoxicating bouquet of berries, candy, and skunky citrus helps it devour stress and tension from the moment you unpack it.

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sherbet og strain
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Sherbet OG Flavor Scale

This strain features fresh berry notes, citrus, and skunk, accompanied by the sweetness of candy.


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      Strain OG Information

      This strain was created by Mr. Sherbinski, who crossed Pink Panties and GSC, the latter of which descends from Durban Poison, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush. Its flavor profile has helped make it exceedingly popular.

      Sherbet Effects

      Creative 90%
      Euphoria 100%
      Relaxing 95%
      Helps With
      Bad mood
      Bad mood 96%
      Tension relief
      Tension relief 94%
      Lack of energy
      Lack of energy 90%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 60%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 50%

      Sherbet Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      James Taylor
      James Taylor 90%
      Phoenix 98%
      The National
      The National 89%

      James Taylor: The musical equivalent of getting a big old hug from a friend. Kind of like Sherbet.

      Phoenix: If you’re digging the livening mental space of Sherbet, throw on “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” and vibe out.

      The National: Packed with subtle details and tasteful restraint, The National has an energy all its own and sits well with the Sherbet strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Tomato-based pasta
      Tomato-based pasta 100%
      Fried chicken
      Fried chicken 96%
      Fish and chips
      Fish and chips 95%

      Tomato-based pasta: Tangy, savory, and sweet all sound delicious with the citrusy skunk of Sherbet.

      Fried chicken: Go full indulgence with some delicious, juicy, breaded fried chicken and let Sherbet be your dessert.

      Fish and chips: Squeezing a lemon over your breaded cod is even nicer when you’ve got the sweet flavor of Sherbet on your tongue.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Batida 96%
      Brandy Alexander
      Brandy Alexander 98%
      Hot Toddy
      Hot Toddy 95%

      Batida: This Brazilian cocktail features the national alcoholic drink cachaça. It’s a delicious combo with Sherbet.

      Brandy Alexander: This scrumptious dessert cocktail with cognac is exactly the type of vibe that Sherbet thrives with — an after-dinner chill sesh.

      Hot Toddy: If it’s cold out or you just need that warm spice to lift your spirits, combine Sherbet and a hot toddy.

      Where Sherbet OG Is Grown

      This strain was bred by San Francisco grower Mr. Sherbinski and is a cross between Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies.

      Strain Summary

      With a complex, sorbet-like aroma and a lovely full-body euphoria to boot, the Sherbet strain offers something for nearly everyone. Its indica presence makes it a calming, relaxing journey, while the sativa in it puts you in a creative, present, fast-thinking headspace. This is the perfect bud for a nighttime toke and will help dissipate tension and bad moods.

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