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Years of work have gone into Strawberry OG. The first riddle to solve was: How do you take the strawberry flavor — delicious but not terribly stable — and infuse it into a euphoric strain of physical relaxation and mental acuity? Well, let’s just say the riddle was solved.

Strawberry overtones complement the fuel-like aroma of this clone-only strain. Despite relaxing your body, it sends your head to creative places and leaves you elated, giggly, and at peace.

Similar sweetness like Kaya Maestro with husky undertones like Sour Diesel and Kaya Flo Strain.

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strawberry og
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Strawberry OG Flavor Scale

You’ll definitely taste the strawberries (a la Kaya Maestro), a general sugary sweetness, and will enjoy the husky diesel backend as well (like Sour Diesel and Kaya Flo Strain).

Sweet Strawberry
Husky Diesel

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      Strawberry OG Information

      The legacy of Strawberry OG — (which is important to remember, to not confuse with OG Strawberry) began with the hunt for a strawberry flavor that didn’t quickly get overpowered. This hybrid strain includes the yield and abundance of Bruce Banner and the happy energy of SFV OC. 

      It has dope traces of Strawberry Diesel and Bruce Banner’s OG Kush.  Pair this with some bright Rosé for sweet, popping cocktail or go with some classic Rum for a Strawberry Daiquiri.

      Strawberry OG Effects

      Euphoria 90%
      Energy 91%
      Joy 84%
      Helps With
      Moodiness 82%
      Fatigue 87%
      Depression 81%
      Hunger 70%

      Strawberry OG Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Avalanches
      The Avalanches 91%
      Billy Joel
      Billy Joel 95%
      Vulfpeck 100%

      The Avalanches: Maybe you’ve never heard of this Australian mystery band, but they created an entire album of samples from old records, movies, and recordings that doesn’t stop once from start to finish. Strawberry OG makes the whole ride a dancing, euphoric good time.

      Billy Joel: Only the Good Die Young and Vienna are just too good to be true with Strawberry OG guiding your ears.

      Vulfpeck: The best and most hilarious modern funk band is a great pairing with this happy strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Strawberry shortcake
      Strawberry shortcake 94%
      Roasted squash or potatoes
      Roasted squash or potatoes 93%
      Thai food
      Thai food 82%

      Strawberry shortcake: Because why wouldn’t you?

      Roasted squash or potatoes: The sweetness of Strawberry OG makes it a great counterpoint to some roasted root veggies.

      Thai food: Grab yourself a Tom Yum Noodle and notice how the tanginess of the broth jumps out at you with this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bonus points for a tropical drink 94%
      Pink, bubbly delight 96%
      Smooth, sweet and neat 89%

      Rum: The happy, tropical joys of rum go well with this fruity delight.

      Rosé: Whether at brunch or any time you need a bright, bubbly cocktail – Rosé with a strawberry

      Whiskey: You’ll enjoy the burn of whiskey with the happy giddiness of Strawberry OG.

      Where Strawberry OG Is Grown

      The strain comes from Mendocino County, CA. It results from a search for stable strawberry notes, which was achieved by blending Bruce Banner’s OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel, and SFV OG. It is a hybrid strain offering a delicious and effective blend of cannabinoids.

      Strawberry OG Summary

      Make everyday tasks and hobbies more creative and interesting with this fruity yet mildly pungent strain. Both euphoria-inducing and relaxing, it will mellow your body but bring your mental state to a new plane.


      Ratings, statistics and other information has been researched from sources on the internet. We are not doctors so none of this information should be taken as medical advice. 

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