Citral Flo – Strain Information & 9 Pairing Ideas

By blending the cheesy musk of Sour Flo Strain with the floral sharpness of Citral Skunk, the Citral Flo strain is a gourmet bud that wakes all five of your senses up. Featuring pillow-soft nugs that bound out of a particularly productive plant, Citral Flo’s half-and-half sativa and indica crossing gives you a full-bodied high that keeps you energized and ready for anything.

The first wave is cerebral euphoria, with the second wave lifting your body off the floor and relaxing you without zapping your energy.

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Citral Flo Strain
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The flavor of strong cheese meshes perfectly with floral citrus and herb spice.

Floral Citrus
Herb Spice

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      Citral Flo Information

      This hybrid between Sour Flo and Citral Skunk comes in at a perfect 50/50 on indica and sativa.

      Coveted for its oversized buds and the pungent, dank cheesiness that transitions to skunky spice with burning, Citral Flo is often used to help with mood stabilization, headache and migraine alleviation, and low energy.

      Citral Flo Effects

      Euphoria 99%
      Uplifting 87%
      Relaxing 77%
      Helps With
      Tiredness 80%
      Depression 60%
      Productivity 90%
      Hunger 79%

      Citral Flo Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Talking Heads
      Talking Heads 90%
      Rap 89%
      The Beatles
      The Beatles 100%

      Talking Heads: Repetitive synths, floaty arpeggios, and trippy soundscapes make the perfect backdrop for your time with Citral Flo.

      Rap: Throw on some Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Kanye, or Eminem — any type of meaningful rap will take on whole new meanings.

      The Beatles: Soothe your body, mind, and spirit by listening to some of the deeper cuts by the Fab Four on Citral Flo.

      Pairs With Food
      Alfredo 98%
      Sushi 90%
      Butternut squash soup
      Butternut squash soup 85%

      Alfredo: Enjoy a delicious alfredo pasta with Citral Flo — its cheesy overtones complement the sauce’s savory richness, while the citrus adds some lemony contrast.

      Sushi: There’s a lot going on when you place a sushi roll in your mouth. The heady high of Citral Flo will make the experience many times richer.

      Butternut squash soup: This is another dish that pairs well with the flavors of the Citral Flo strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Rum 88%
      Bitters 100%
      Vodka martini
      Vodka martini 95%

      Rum: Rum and coke is a delicious pairing for Citral Flo.

      Bitters: Sour and bitter balance each other out beautifully.

      Vodka martini: The cheesy flavor of Citrus Flo is exactly what the gods had in mind when they bestowed the vodka martini upon humankind.

      Citral Flo Summary

      This hybrid strain is a rare treat — an even balance of sativa and indica formed by crossing Citral Skunk and Sour Flo. Its THC level is between 19% and 25%, with its nugs showing a dark purple color from the thick crystal trichomes and reddish hairs.

      Strong and terpy, the Citral Flo strain is rich with flavor and full-body goodness. Crossing floral citrus with pungent cheese, this strain is incredibly fun to try on different occasions like cleaning, watching TV, hanging with friends, or enjoying the clouds passing on a summer day. Keep reading to learn more about other similar strains!

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