Gelato Strain – Learn Why This Strain is a Favorite

gelato strain

The Gelato weed strain is a delicious, smooth lifted flower that will elevate your spirits and set the temperature at a degree you will love.

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A champion to enthusiasts both recreational and medical, this yummy tangy high will relieve pain, both mental and physical and set the tone for good vibes.


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      Gelato Weed Information

      Gelato is a smooth, fruity hybrid strain that is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sherbert (or Sunset Sherbert). Originating from Cookie Fam Genetics out of San Francisco, California, Gelato has a sweet aroma relating to its namesake. Also in circulation is a phenotype of Gelato known as “Gelato #33” or simply, Larry Bird, after his famous jersey number. This strain packs a punch, with pain-relieving, lucid, and psychedelic effects that lean on the indica side, but won’t leave you couch-locked. Legendary with both medical and recreational users, but may be on the stronger side for lighter consumers.

      This daytime/early evening hybrid has sweet hints from its Sherbert parent and earthy, herbal tones from its Thin Mint side making it pair nicely with sweet fruit and earthy vegetables.  Think along the lines of a farm-to-table type meal, with sweet dessert to finish.  We recommend a vodka, or gin, to pair with your flower and meal, preferably with a sweet citrus.

      Gelato Effects

      Relaxed 59%
      Happy 54%
      Euphoric 50%
      Uplifted 41%
      Creative 29%
      Helps with
      Stress 26%
      Anxiety 22%
      Depression 21%
      Pain 19%
      Insomnia 11%
      Dry mouth 23%
      Dry eyes 11%
      Dizzy 4%
      Paranoid 4%
      Anxious 4%

      Gelato Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      7/11 50%
      Raekwon & The Wu Tang Clan
      Ice Cream 70%
      Young Dolf
      Gelato 68%
      Pairs With Food
      Sweet Fruit
      Mother Nature's candy 80%
      Earthy Vegetables
      Fresh veggies to throw on the grill 70%
      Because there's always room for dessert 88%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Favorite brand with club and lime 80%
      White Wine
      Light, bubbly, on the drier side 70%
      Mix with a bright citrus ftw 72%

      Where The Gelato Is Grown

      Gelato Summary

      Gelato is a one of a kind hybrid from the Bay Area of California.  This daytime strain can help with pain and loss of appetite, and elevate you to new heights.  Named like the dessert, this earthy, sweet flower is a favorite due to its aroma and strength.  We gladly pair with a vodka, gin, white wine, some farm-to-table goodness and of course gelato for dessert!

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