Gelonade Strain — Chill and Smooth

Dark gray buds topped with the brightest orange hairs make it clear at a glance that Gelonade is a unique strain. It’s great for stimulating conversation due to its social effects, while the mood boost it offers won’t leave you feeling sleepy or couch-locked like Orange Velvet Underground might.

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Gelonade Strain
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Gelonade Strain Flavor Scale

With a complex flavor that some people describe as soapy or even tasting like maple syrup, this strain generally offers notes of:

Light floral
Complex diesel fuel
Tangy citrus and plum

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      Gelonade Strain Information

      This strain isn’t just a sativa; it won the Cannabis Cup in the sativa category. It’s a member of the large Cookies family, so it has a high THC content and strong effects that can prepare you for a busy day or a gathering with friends.

      Gelonade Strain Effects

      Relaxation 74%
      Mood-boosting 77%
      Energizing 78%
      Helps With
      Socializing 77%
      Anxiety 69%
      Stress 76%
      Depression 72%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 70%
      Fatigue 68%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Paranoia 42%
      Headaches 39%

      Gelonade Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”
      Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby” 73%
      Lil Nas X — “That’s What I Want”
      Lil Nas X — “That’s What I Want” 69%
      Megan thee Stallion — “Sweetest Pie”
      Megan thee Stallion — “Sweetest Pie” 70%

      Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”: You won’t mind the cheesy lyrics or dated beat once you puff this strain.

      Lil Nas X — “That’s What I Want”: Get energized and uplifted with Lil Nas X combined with Gelonade.

      Megan thee Stallion — “Sweetest Pie”: Spend some time with your sweetie after indulging in this strain since it’s purported to increase arousal, not unlike this song.

      Pairs With Food
      Fluffy French toast
      Fluffy French toast 74%
      Roasted pork pita sandwich
      Roasted pork pita sandwich 79%
      Jalapeno kettle chips
      Jalapeno kettle chips 73%

      Fluffy French toast: The secret is using Texas Toast as the base and pairing it with this sweet strain.

      Roasted pork pita sandwich: Fill a pita with roasted pork and pickled coleslaw for a lunch that can tackle the munchies brought on by this strain.

      Jalapeno kettle chips: Spicy snacking goes hand in hand with the Gelonade strain, much like Liquid Butter.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Spiked Mango lassi
      Spiked Mango lassi 74%
      Raspberry mojito
      Raspberry mojito 81%
      Rhubarb gin
      Rhubarb gin 77%

      Spiked Mango lassi: Sweet and sour yogurt drinks are good on their own, but add a touch of vodka to take them to the next level.

      Raspberry mojito: Sugary berries and cooling mind pair with Gelonade like they were meant to go together from the start.

      Rhubarb gin: For tart flavors that will pucker you up for this strain, try a rhubarb-flavored gin for sipping.

      Where The Gelonade Strain Is Grown

      Born of a combination of Gelato #41 and the Lemon Tree strain, Gelonade has a strange name that hints at this pairing. It was bred by Connected Cannabis of California.

      Gelonade Strain Summary

      Strong enough to leave you feeling like gel but almost lemonade-like in flavor, it’s easy to see how fitting the name is for this strain. Give it a spin if you find it at a local dispensary.

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