Orange Velvet Underground Strain — Go Deep With a Rare Strain

The name isn’t the only thing different about this marijuana strain. With the potential for THC levels as high as 25% and low CBD, it’s a couch-locking strain built for heavy relaxation. A good vacation strain like Kaya Jamaica Skunk, this variety is rare but worth seeking out.

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Orange Velvet Underground
10Expert Score
Orange Velvet Underground Strain Flavor Scale

As citrusy as the name suggests, Orange Velvet Underground has a complex flavor blending hints of:

Bright, sweet orange
Sharp, spicy notes
Sour citrus flavors

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      Orange Velvet Underground Strain Information

      Large, popcorn-shaped buds are bluish-white with orange hairs. This strain is a balanced combination of both indica and sativa characteristics, making it a balanced hybrid. Yet, it primarily offers relaxing effects, making it better for the evening than the morning.

      Orange Velvet Underground Strain Effects

      Relaxing 76%
      Pain-relieving 70%
      Mood-boosting 77%
      Helps With
      Depression 71%
      Insomnia 75%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 73%
      Restless legs
      Restless legs 66%

      Orange Velvet Underground Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Velvet Underground — “Sunday Morning”
      Velvet Underground — “Sunday Morning” 71%
      Flower Face — “Cornflower Blue”
      Flower Face — “Cornflower Blue” 75%
      The Cure — “Why Can’t I Be You?
      The Cure — “Why Can’t I Be You? 72%

      Velvet Underground — “Sunday Morning”: Straight from 1967 to put you in the right mindset for enjoying this strain to the max.

      Flower Face — “Cornflower Blue”: You won’t be blue when reclining with a little Orange Velvet Underground and this song.

      The Cure — “Why Can’t I Be You?”: A cheerful little ’80s song to enhance your time on the couch under this strain’s influence.

      Pairs With Food
      Blood orange sherbet
      Blood orange sherbet 69%
      Popcorn shrimp
      Popcorn shrimp 73%
      Endive salad
      Endive salad 62%

      Blood orange sherbet: Sweet and creamy desserts with bold citrus flavors are ideal for Orange Velvet Underground.

      Popcorn shrimp: Pop a few breaded shrimp in the oven or deep fryer for kicking back on the couch with this strain.

      Endive salad: Sharp and sour flavors from the endive cut through the sweetness of this citrus strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Raki 68%
      Kim Son
      Kim Son 74%
      Orange Creamsicle Cocktail
      Orange Creamsicle Cocktail 70%

      Raki: Twice distilled with flavors of grape skins and anise, this powerful spirit will cut through the citrus flavors of this strain.

      Kim Son: This rice wine from Vietnam can have flavors nearly as complex as Orange Velvet Underground.

      Orange Creamsicle Cocktail: Since this strain is often compared to a creamsicle, the cocktail version is a perfect accompaniment.

      Where The Orange Velvet Underground Strain Is Grown

      Ethos Genetics of the U.S. bred this variety through a complex cross of Mandarin Sunset, Orange Velvet, and Sour Tangie. This makes it distantly related to strains like Tangie Ghost Train.

      Orange Velvet Underground Strain Summary

      If you’re ready to sink into the shag carpeting with a heavy relaxing strain, give Orange Velvet Underground a try on your next day off. It’s a powerful pain-relieving strain from a well-known breeder.

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