Amazon Endorses GOP Cannabis Legalization Bill

Amazon has endorsed a Republican-led federal cannabis legalization bill, noting that federal prohibition has a negative effect on their workforce.

New York Post reports that, Amazon has officially endorsed a Republican-sponsored federal cannabis legalization bill. Regardless, of how you feel about Amazon or Republican’s, you have to admit this is awesome.

First introduced by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), the legislation seeks to remove cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic, leaving cannabis policy to the states while imposing a 3% federal sales tax on cannabis transactions which would be spent on law enforcement and help military veteran groups. Under the proposal, cannabis would remain illegal for people under 21.

On Twitter, Amazon wrote that it was “pleased to endorse” Mace’s bill.

Our opinion

Amazon taking a stance and pushing for legalization is huge for the movement. They have a lot of resources and will be able to influence other companies to do the same. Amazon’s says their interest to legalize cannabis is to help them be able to get more workers. That’s cool but I bet that they will also want to be in the position to deliver cannabis products to customers who want them once things are fully legalized. That would be a billion dollar opportunity for them.

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