Gelonade Strain

Gelonade Strain

Chill and Smooth

Unique appearance, social effects without inducing sleepiness.

unique strain

Gelonade Strain

Strong Effects

Cannabis Cup winner, strong effects for busy days or gatherings.

- Relaxation - Mood-boosting - Energizing


- Socializing - Anxiety - Stress - Depression - Chronic pain - Fatigue

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Paranoia - Headaches


Pairs With Music

Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”

Lil Nas X — “That’s What I Want”

Megan thee Stallion — “Sweetest Pie”

Pairs With Food

Fluffy French toast

Roasted pork pita sandwich

Jalapeno kettle chips

Pairs With Spirits

Spiked Mango lassi

Raspberry mojito

Rhubarb gin

Where The Gelonade Strain Is Grown

Gelonade Strain Summary

Strong enough to leave you feeling like gel but almost lemonade-like in flavor, it’s easy to see how fitting the name is for this strain. Give it a spin if you find it at a local dispensary.

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