Sensi Star Strain — Put Your Mind & Body at Ease

The indicia-dominant Sensi Star strain is an award-winning cultivar with remarkably relaxing effects and mysterious genetics. While we do know this powerhouse strain has some Afghan, Indian, and Skunk in her lineage, her precise genetic code is still a well-guarded secret. But it’s no secret that this legendary strain is loved throughout the world for its potency, as well as its stress-relieving, pain-alleviating, and soothing mind-body effects.

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Sensi Star Strain
9.5Expert Score
Sensi Star Strain Flavor Scale

Sensi Star smells like a forest full of conifers, herbs, pepper, and citrus and tastes pretty much the same. With each toke, your tastebuds will detect notes of:

Woody pine
Sweet citrus fruits and herbs
Pungent herbs and spice

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      Sensi Star Strain Information

      Sensi Star is 70% indica and 30% sativa and typically clocks in around 23% THC and 1% CBG. After a few tokes of this hard-hitting, super-soothing, stress-relieving strain, you’ll feel relaxed, mentally unbothered, and emotionally centered. Chances are you’ll end up happily zoned out, and eventually, you’ll probably also get hit with a mean case of the munchies as your high wears on. After satisfying your hankering for some snacks, don’t be surprised if you end up drifting off to sleep on whatever cushy surface you happen to occupy.

      If you’re a noob, take it slow with this strain, as it can easily get you much higher than you’re comfortable being. And if you’re a medical patient, Sensi Star could be your best bud if you suffer from depression, chronic pain, attention-deficit disorder, arthritis, anxiety, low appetite, or insomnia.

      Sensi Star Strain Effects

      Relaxed 87%
      Euphoric 85%
      Sleepy 77%
      Happy 86%
      Helps With
      Pain 80%
      Stress 76%
      Depression 82%
      Insomnia 85%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Dizziness 44%
      Paranoia 39%

      Sensi Star Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Budtender — “Sensi Star”
      Budtender — “Sensi Star” 84%
      LEISURE — “Slipping Away”
      LEISURE — “Slipping Away” 81%
      Yellow Days — “Soul Smile”
      Yellow Days — “Soul Smile” 79%

      Budtender — “Sensi Star”: Once Sensi Star settles you into your couch cushions and you’re ready for sleep, play this ultra-soothing ode to the strain and let the combo drift you away.

      LEISURE — “Slipping Away”: Set a chill tone for your evening smoke sesh with this relaxing blues-pop track. Then light up some Sensi Star and let yourself slip away into bliss.

      Yellow Days — “Soul Smile”: Burn a bowl of Sensi Star, play this bluesy soul-pop jam, and let the combo make your body, mind, and soul smile.

      Pairs With Food
      Your favorite pizza
      Your favorite pizza 87%
      Grilled ham and cheese
      Grilled ham and cheese 83%
      Baked salmon with lemon and thyme
      Baked salmon with lemon and thyme 83%

      Your favorite pizza: If Sensi Star leaves you feeling ravenous, pizza can satisfy even the gnarliest of cravings. Get some breadsticks, too — you won’t regret it.

      Grilled ham and cheese: Grilled cheese is easy to whip up even when you’re totally baked, and as a bonus, this sammy tastes amazing alongside Sensi Star’s herbal notes.

      Baked salmon with lemon and thyme: If you wanna round out the flavors in your smoke, nosh on this delectable dinner (with a side of roasted parmesan rosemary potatoes) and send your tastebuds into a state of bliss.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Red wine
      Red wine 84%
      Kentucky Mule
      Kentucky Mule 89%
      Amstel 81%

      Red wine: Curl up on your couch and sip a glass of relaxing red alongside your relaxing herb if you wanna enjoy a little respite from the real world.

      Kentucky Mule: This refreshing, effervescent, thirst-quenching libation subs whiskey for the traditional vodka and is perfect for soothing your throat after a few tokes of Sensi Star.

      Amstel: Sip on this popular Dutch beer if you wanna enjoy two classics from the Netherlands (Sensi Star originated in Amsterdam) on the same night.

      Where The Sensi Star Strain Is Grown

      The brilliant breeders at Netherlands-based Paradise Seeds first grew the Sensi Star strain and released it to the public in 1995. She went on to take home both the High Life and High Times Cannabis Cups in 1999 and proceeded to collect another 13 awards at major competitions around the globe.

      Sensi Star Strain Summary

      Sensi Star is a superb choice when you’re looking for a strong, soothing strain that’ll help relax your body and mind, alleviate pain, and send you off to sleep. If you’re interested in trying similar strains that deliver comparable effects, consider picking up some Master Kush, Death Star, Blue Cheese, or Papaya.

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