5 Top Weed Restaurants in Brooklyn, NYC – Try Them This Spring

Marijuana legalization has rejuvenated the liveliness of many places across the United States and nowhere is that more true than in Brooklyn, NY.

Let’s be honest — New York was never averse to the reefer to begin with. With limited dispensaries currently open in the city, you need to get in where you fit in.

But since legalization, not only can you enjoy some primo bud in public, you can also hop around to some delicious restaurants where weed is a central part of the theme.  

Brooklyn has become a hub for cannabis culture. We share five of the top weed restaurants in Brooklyn NYC that cater to the hearts of weed enthusiasts, in no particular order.

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Our Selection Of 5 Top Weed Restaurants In Brooklyn NYC:

1. Stoney Island Weed Garden

With its namesake from its location, against the nostalgic backdrop of Coney Island, the Stoney Island Weed Garden could be considered a pizza joint to the naked eye, but with a serious emphasis on one particular herb, it is like no other pizza around.

Specializing in “stoned gourmet cannabis pizza,” the concept was created by Chris, otherwise known as The Pizza Pusha (@pizzapusha).

Born into an Italian family, Chris was raised in Brooklyn and had a eureka moment in 2015 when he attended a cannabis dinner in California. 

Stoney Island Weed Garden is the culmination of his dream: a place where people can hang out, eat weed-infused pizza, enjoy cannabis, spot celebrities, and bask in the ambiance.

This restaurant offers reservations starting at $100 per person.  These meals are curated including the perfect pizza elements like salad, ganja garlic knots, brick-oven pizza, chicken lollipops, and delicious desserts all infused. 

And probably the best part is that it is unlimited. 

After your meal, hang in the weed garden and smoke freely till closing.

“While I wouldn’t recommend Stoned to less experienced dabblers, the restaurant offers cannabis aficionados a glimpse of the future of legal weed in New York.” – Insider

2. The Elevated Palate

Brought to you by Brooklynite Chef Mike Gargiulo (@chefmikegargiulo) and Gargiulo Caterers, this secret Brooklyn institution started as a catering service and has evolved into Elevated Palate, an infused four-course, fine-dining dinner series (also available non-infused). 

And if you are more of a to-go person, he also has a full operating kitchen with pick-up orders available Tuesday-Saturday, infused or not.

With both seasonal and classic dishes, including roasted chicken, pan-seared scallops, crab legs, and decadent desserts Chef Gargiulo’s delivers a delicious experience every time. 

And you can’t forget that each course is finely tuned with decadent infusion, sure to leave you lifted. Check their website for current menu: www.gargiulocaterers.com 

3. Muz Muz Cafe

Brooklyn’s Muz Muz Cafe, located at 296 Graham Ave in Brooklyn, is gaining popularity as a top weed cafe for many reasons.

It’s got a $1 espresso, for starters — perhaps the only one in the entirety of New York City. It’s got chill cafe-meets-apothecary vibes. It’s green and gorgeous. And, of course, it’s got one of the best selections of cbd and thc anywhere in the entire city- who knew?

Whether you’re going to explore some new bud or for their selection of coffee, matcha, cacao, chai, homemade organic teas, or a combination of drinks and THC, Muz Muz is a great place to be.

“This is the most multifunctional cafe I’ve ever been to! It’s a cafe that offers CBD gummies, pre rolls, honeys and more.” – Google review

4. Bamboo Cafe

Brooklyn’s first cannabis-friendly lounge is the Bamboo Cafe, located at a secret location in Williamsburg.

This place is seriously heavy on the vibes: it’s got the feel of a tiki bar, with hip-hop and reggae pumping out of the speakers at all hours. One of our favorite things to do is see live music on the stage and dance the night away.

Though still underground, Bamboo Cafe has gained popularity across the weed restaurants and cafes, and is poised to expand when the time is right. For now, ask around to find out where this beloved cafe is and how to get there –but by the time this article is released you will probably find it on Google.

Brooklyn is home to a variety of cannabis-friendly cafes, restaurants, and lounges that offer a unique dining experience for weed enthusiasts. So whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal or a casual hangout spot, you’re in the right place to find one. Let us know who we missed and your current fave!

5. Duty-Free NYC

Now these guys are not new to the game and we always put some respect on their name– which is, Chef For Higher (@chefforhigher), Fly Private Social (@flyprivatesocial) brought to you by “Hawaii” Mike Salman (@hwmk) who delivers nothing short of incredible eats and cannabis experiences.

Although their homebase is in Brooklyn, they have events and social gatherings across the city and country.  Check their socials directly for updates on the newest movement, because we can’t keep up with them and we love it!

If you are new to edibles this would be a perfect starter as they are diligent with their education of “proper dosing”.  But if you consider yourself an expert then it is also definitely the place for you.

Whether in a dinner series or just ordering take-out which you can get almost daily and pre-order at almost any time, they have an array of flower, wax, and out of this world edibles. 

Ranging from chocolates and caramels, to honey and even seasoning – our favorites are the vegan, gluten-free fruit jellies.  We say this is a guaranteed stellar culinary and cannabis experience for any seasoned or beginner NYC partaker.

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