Master Kush Strain — A True Marijuana Masterpiece

Looking for a powerhouse strain that’ll leave you beautifully baked and blissful after just a couple of tokes? Whether you struggle with insomnia or need to slough off some serious stress after a tough day, the Master Kush strain is for you.

This seriously potent, indica-dominant, award-winning hybrid may become your new best bud if you’re looking to mollify mental tension, alleviate anxiety, purge pain, or get an awesome night’s sleep. But before you roll up or pack a bowl, make sure you’ve got snacks on deck because Master Kush can trigger a mega case of the munchies.

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Master Kush Strain
9.5Expert Score
Master Kush Strain Flavor Scale

With a name like Master Kush, this strain’s exquisite flavor profile should come as no surprise. Each smooth toke will bless your palate with notes of:

Pungent earthiness
Woody, spicy herbs
Sweet citrus

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      Master Kush Strain Information

      First and foremost, Master Kush is not for newbs. But if you’ve worked hard to build a masterful tolerance, this strain (also known as High Rise and Grandmaster Kush) will likely blow you away.

      As a 90/10 indica-sativa hybrid with an average THC concentration of 20%-24%, Master Kush doesn’t give itself away as a heavy hitter on paper. But you need only enjoy a few tokes to understand why this two-time Cannabis Cup winner is a favorite among lay tokers and celebrity cannabisseurs (ahem, Snoop Dogg) alike.

      As Master Kush sets in, you’ll feel remarkably relaxed as a tingly, soothing body high massages your physical form. You’ll also notice a gentle euphoria permeating your mind space that’ll heighten your senses and leave you feeling ultra happy but not mentally incapacitated. Don’t be surprised if things start to seem a bit psychedelic as Master Kush works its magic — go with the flow, and you’ll have a good time. As your high wears on, you’ll feel yourself melding with your couch cushions as your brain and body prepare for their imminent trip to dreamland.

      Master Kush Strain Effects

      Happy 83%
      Sleepy 79%
      Hungry 82%
      Helps With
      Stress 87%
      Anxiety 81%
      Pain 82%
      Insomnia 85%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 45%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%
      Dizziness 44%
      Paranoia 38%

      Master Kush Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Pink Floyd — “Ebb and Flow”
      Pink Floyd — “Ebb and Flow” 77%
      Tame Impala — “Let It Happen”
      Tame Impala — “Let It Happen” 76%
      Yung Bae, Cosmo’s Midnight — “Straight Up Relaxin’”
      Yung Bae, Cosmo’s Midnight — “Straight Up Relaxin’” 81%

      Pink Floyd — “Ebb and Flow”: This almost ethereal-sounding instrumental track from the pioneers of psychedelic rock is perfect for taking your Kushed-out mind on a soothing musical journey.

      Tame Impala — “Let It Happen”: After a few tokes of Master Kush, try to wrap your mind around this funky, psychedelic track. Close your eyes, and let the experience unfold.

      Yung Bae, Cosmo’s Midnight — “Straight Up Relaxin’”: Make this chill track your Master Kush anthem because its title is exactly what you’ll be doing after enjoying a few tokes.

      Pairs With Food
      Homemade mac ‘n’ cheese
      Homemade mac ‘n’ cheese 80%
      Soup 84%
      French fries
      French fries 82%

      Homemade mac ‘n’ cheese: It’s basically the definition of comfort food and is sure to satisfy when those Master Kush munchies come calling.

      Soup: Whatever kind you like. If you’re looking for a relaxing nighttime meal that’s not so filling it’ll interfere with your Master Kush-induced slumber, soup is a super-soothing and oddly satisfying choice.

      French fries: When you’re overcome with an urge to munch, hot, salty fries with a spread of fun dipping sauces (ketchup is cool, but so is branching out) is pure bliss. And you know fries are irresistible comfort food. Don’t deny the craving.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hot buttered rum
      Hot buttered rum 79%
      Green Chartreuse
      Green Chartreuse 84%
      Cognac 82%

      Hot buttered rum: If you’re striving for a great night’s rest, this classic cocktail is like a big, warm hug in liquid form. Alongside a few tokes of Master Kush, it’ll soothe you straight to sleep.

      Green Chartreuse: Just a little nip (like an ounce — it’s 110 proof) of this remarkably herbaceous, naturally green liqueur makes an excellent nightcap alongside Master Kush’s earthy and herbal notes.

      Cognac: Sip on this classic nightcap if you want to balance out the pungent and slightly spicy notes in Master Kush. Break out the XO for the best finish.

      Where The Master Kush Strain Is Grown

      The masterful breeders at White Label Seeds (a sister company of Sensi Seeds) created the Master Kush strain in Amsterdam by crossing two landrace strains from Afghanistan and India. The strain was originally dubbed “High Rise” because it came to life inside an Amsterdam high-rise building.

      Master Kush Strain Summary

      If you’re a seasoned toker looking for a strain that’ll glue you to your couch quick-like and soothe you into a deep, refreshing sleep, Master Kush is worth trying. But if you’re gonna enjoy it, make sure your schedule is clear because you probably won’t be capable of much after you partake. If this hybrid blows your hair back, you may also enjoy strains with similar effects like Hindu Kush and Purple Kush.

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