Gelato Strain

Gelato Strain

Learn Why This Strain is a Favorite

Balanced, sweet, and uplifting, Gelato is a delightful strain.

Sweet and Balanced

Gelato Strain

Flavorful Hybrid

Gelato delivers a potent punch with pain relief and creativity.

- Relaxed - Happy - Euphoric - Uplifted - Creative


- Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Pain - Insomnia

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Dry eyes - Dizzy - Paranoid - Anxious


Pairs With Music

Beyoncé – 7/11 

Raekwon & The Wu Tang Clan – Ice Cream 

Young Dolf – Gelato

Pairs With Food

Sweet Fruit – Mother Nature’s candy 

Earthy Vegetables – Fresh veggies to throw on the grill 

Gelato – Because there’s always room for dessert

Pairs With Spirits

Vodka – Favorite brand with club and lime 

White Wine – Light, bubbly, on the drier side 

Gin – Mix with a bright citrus ftw

Where The Gelato Strain Is Grown

Gelato Summary

This daytime strain can help with pain and loss of appetite, and elevate you to new heights.  Named like the dessert, this earthy, sweet flower is a favorite due to its aroma and strength.

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