Ice Cream Man Strain — Delivering Creamy Goodness

This Ice Cream Man may become your new best friend thanks to its calming indica effects. Much like an ice cream van that might visit your neighborhood, this strain combines creamy flavors with just a hint of fuel. Explore this unique strain to know what to expect, including its average THC content.

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Ice Cream Man Strain
9.5Expert Score
Ice Cream Man Strain Flavor Scale

Sample the flavor of the Ice Cream Man strain to enjoy hints of:

Ripe apricots and other fruits
Creamy vanilla ice cream

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      Ice Cream Man Information

      Weighing in at around 20% THC and 1% CBD, Ice Cream Man is strong enough that it can be a little much for beginners. Start out easy with it to explore effects like euphoria, talkativeness, and even bouts of giggling. It’s similar in many ways to White Buffalo, another rare strain.

      Ice Cream Man Strain Effects

      Euphoria and happiness
      Euphoria and happiness 83%
      Giggling 87%
      Arousal 84%
      Helps With
      Date nights
      Date nights 82%
      Depression 90%
      Stress 78%
      Chronic fatigue
      Chronic fatigue 84%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 84%
      Insomnia 79%
      Paranoia 45%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 46%
      Headaches 40%

      Ice Cream Man Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Marcin Dziembor — “Orange Icecream Truck”
      Marcin Dziembor — “Orange Icecream Truck” 83%
      The 1975 — “Wintering”
      The 1975 — “Wintering” 81%
      The Kinks — “20th Century Man”
      The Kinks — “20th Century Man” 80%

      Marcin Dziembor — “Orange Icecream Truck”: Let a lo-fi beat help you nod off while enjoying Ice Cream Man.

      The 1975 — “Wintering”: Upbeat pop rock will set the mood while keeping you awake after you indulge in this strain.

      The Kinks — “20th Century Man”: A ’70s rock classic is ideal for zoning out when this strain’s effects hit.

      Pairs With Food
      French fries
      French fries 88%
      Apple cider donuts
      Apple cider donuts 82%
      White pizza
      White pizza 85%

      French fries: Recreate the classic combo of ice cream and fries by snacking when enjoying this strain.

      Apple cider donuts: Bring out the fruity notes of Ice Cream Man while indulging your munchies.

      White pizza: A creamy pizza with ricotta and white sauce will amp up the flavors of this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hard apricot cider
      Hard apricot cider 86%
      Root beer float
      Root beer float 79%
      Rosso Dolce
      Rosso Dolce 77%

      Hard apricot cider: While it’s harder to find than cider made from apples or pears, apricot cider is worth seeking out to pair with this strain.

      Root beer float: Add rum for an adult twist to this classic childhood treat.

      Rosso Dolce: Sweet and fruity, this red wine will help you enjoy Ice Cream Man even more.

      Where The Ice Cream Man Strain Is Grown

      Thanks to the hard work of Compound Genetics, Ice Cream Man was created through the combination of Legend Orange Apricot and Jet Fuel Gelato.

      Ice Cream Man Strain Summary

      It’s worth waiting for the Ice Cream Man to arrive when you need mood-boosting relaxation. Tackle chronic pain or insomnia issues with an indica that lives up to its promises.

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