White Buffalo Strain — Rare and Wonderful

Rare and majestic, just like its namesake, the White Buffalo strain is no legend. It’s also known as Tatanka and offers a unique combination of euphoric and energizing efforts. You’ll find yourself giggling and blissed out while having plenty of energy for your favorite activities.

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White Buffalo Strain
9.5Expert Score
White Buffalo Strain Flavor Scale

With a savory and sour flavor that ends in a sweet exhale, White Buffalo provides a complex mix of:

Sour herbal notes
Spicy black pepper
Earthy sweetness

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      White Buffalo Strain Information

      Not recommended for evening use, White Buffalo is better for pairing with your morning coffee for a jolt of energy. It may be a hybrid, but it’s 80% sativa. Many people rely on it to stay focused through a long workday or chronic fatigue. When you need to feel pepped up throughout the day, turn to the Buffalo or a similar strain like Mandarin Cookies.

      White Buffalo Strain Effects

      Tingling 79%
      Euphoria 84%
      Energy-boosting 82%
      Helps With
      Depression 79%
      Fatigue 84%
      Stress 80%
      Lack of focus
      Lack of focus 77%
      Jitteriness 43%
      Anxiety 46%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%

      White Buffalo Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Neneh Cherry — “Buffalo Stance”
      Neneh Cherry — “Buffalo Stance” 78%
      Khruangbin — “White Gloves”
      Khruangbin — “White Gloves” 81%
      Orville Peck — “Buffalo Run”
      Orville Peck — “Buffalo Run” 84%

      Neneh Cherry — “Buffalo Stance”: A classic ’80s song is the right way to celebrate the euphoria brought on by this strain.

      Khruangbin — “White Gloves”: Let some psychedelic rock ease your worries and boost your mood along with each puff of White Buffalo.

      Orville Peck — “Buffalo Run”: Country music with a modern twist will set you on the right path to meet the White Buffalo.

      Pairs With Food
      Roasted tomatoes and white beans
      Roasted tomatoes and white beans 83%
      Buffalo queso dip
      Buffalo queso dip 79%
      Coconut macaroons
      Coconut macaroons 86%

      Roasted tomatoes and white beans: Roast up white beans and fresh summer tomatoes for an earthy dish that balances out this strain’s spiciness.

      Buffalo queso dip: To build on the spicy theme, instead, try a white queso and buffalo sauce dip.

      Coconut macaroons: Finish off your munchies for good with a classic coconut cookie.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Black pepper vodka
      Black pepper vodka 78%
      Dry riesling
      Dry riesling 81%
      Dirty Shirley
      Dirty Shirley 80%

      Black pepper vodka: Sip something with a sharp kick when you’re enjoying the White Buffalo strain.

      Dry riesling: Choose a white wine with an herbal flavor to pair with this strain.

      Dirty Shirley: Try one of the most popular summer cocktails that relies on just a few simple ingredients for sweetness.

      Where The White Buffalo Strain Strain Is Grown

      The White Buffalo strain arose from a cross between Blackberry Kush, Bay 11, and Romulan genetics. It was created by Emerald Family Farms of California.

      White Buffalo Strain Summary

      If you see the White Buffalo strain out in the wild, make an effort to try this strain. It’s a rare strain that provides an interesting sativa experience.

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