Kaya Romulan

Revered for its therapeutic qualities, Romulan’s potency induces deep, sedating relaxation, making it a must for patients with muscle spasms and nerve damage.

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Kaya Romulan Strain
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Romulan has a blend of sweet tones that highlight an earthy aroma driven a distinctive hint of pine. We love our happy little trees.


      AVO Ratings



      20% THC



      0% CBD

      Romulan Information

      Romulan is an indica that is known for its strong, sedative effects, that with 20% THC, leave you happy, euphoric and extremely relaxed.  This is an excellent strain for those who suffer from muscle spasms, nerve damage, and appetite issues.  Romulan is crossed with North American Indica and White Rhino, but its origins are not precise, they have some history traced to Jamaica, Afghanistan, and British Columbia.

      The flavor palette is both earthy and sweet for this indica, making this pair nicely with a medium sweet red wine that is on the drier side, like a Malbec or Merlot.  You could also pair this with the white wine version, like a Chenin Blanc or a Riesling.  The distinct pine notes are sharp and smooth and these wines would match up lovely.

      Romulan Effects


      Romulan Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Man Down 88%
      Gregory Isaacs
      Night Nurse 75%
      Feeling Alright 60%
      Pairs With Food
      Barbecued meats
      Smokey, sweet protein 60%
      Brown Stew Chicken
      sooothes the soul 85%
      Salmon Greek Salad
      with lemon basil 70%
      Pairs With Spirits
      Merlot or Malbec
      medium sweet, red wine 80%
      Chenin Blanc or Riesling
      medium sweet, white wine 80%
      Jamiaca Blue Coffee
      if you need a little pep 77%

      Where The Romulan Is Grown

      Romulan Summary

      Romulan is an indica strain with powerful sedative effects known to help with appetite, spasms, pain or those who are in need of deep relaxation.  With its blend of earthy, sweet tones we would pair this fragrant flower with a medium-sweet Red or White wine, like a Malbec or a Riesling.  And if you’re too sleepy, then pair this with a Jamaica Blue Mountain Marley Coffee to put some pep inna your step.

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      1. Those are not the genetics of romulan, romulan is an heirloom cross between, Mexican, Columbian, Thai, and afghani.

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