Snowcap Strain — Chill Out with a Snowy Treat

For a chill treat, turn to a marijuana strain named for its cool effects. Snowcap, also called Snocap, is a well-balanced hybrid that provides both calming body effects and a stimulating cerebral feeling. It’s similar to Sugar Pine in both effects and flavor.

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Snowcap Strain
9.5Expert Score
Snowcap Strain Flavor Scale

Medicinal and refreshing in flavor, Snowcap offers a combination of tasty notes like:

Fresh mint
Sweet lemon
A hint of spice.

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      Snowcap Strain Information

      Very popular among its fans for beating stress, Snowcap won’t put you to sleep while it’s calming you down. It has creativity-boosting effects that help you find the inspiration you need for a new project. Other people turn to it for dealing with stubborn chronic pain.

      Snowcap Strain Effects

      Mood lifting
      Mood lifting 84%
      Creativity boosting
      Creativity boosting 81%
      Energizing 83%
      Helps With
      Chronic fatigue
      Chronic fatigue 88%
      Stress 79%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 78%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 45%
      Happy 43%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 48%

      Snowcap Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      John Denver — “Rocky Mountain High”
      John Denver — “Rocky Mountain High” 81%
      Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Snow”
      Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Snow” 82%
      GAYLE — “Snow Angels”
      GAYLE — “Snow Angels” 77%

      John Denver — “Rocky Mountain High”: Climb to the peaks of a chilly Snowcap with this mountain song.

      Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Snow”: Turn to the early 2000s to provide a chill soundtrack for your session.

      GAYLE — “Snow Angels”: You’ll feel like making snow angels after sampling this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Chocolate raspberry brownies
      Chocolate raspberry brownies 83%
      Jalapeno popper dip
      Jalapeno popper dip 78%
      Lasagna 82%

      Chocolate raspberry brownies: Pop some fresh raspberries into your favorite brownie mix for a fruit explosion that brings out the sweetness of this strain.

      Jalapeno popper dip: If you’re a lover of spicy snacks, pair creamy Jalapeno Popper dip with this strain.

      Lasagna: Beat the munchies brought on by the Snowcap strain with a hearty homemade lasagna packed with meat and cheeses.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Pulque 77%
      Hard kombucha
      Hard kombucha 86%
      Ice wine
      Ice wine 85%

      Pulque: A milky white drink brewed from agave, this unique drink has a snowy appearance.

      Hard kombucha: Try a probiotic drink with a higher-than-usual alcohol level for a healthy and tart treat.

      Ice wine: Take inspiration from the Snowcap name and try a wine with the sweetness boosted by freezing temperatures.

      Where The Snowcap Strain Is Grown

      Snowcap is a cross between Haze and Snow White, and it was the hard work of an unknown breeder that was most likely located in the Humboldt area of California.

      Snowcap Strain Summary

      With a CBD content as high as 4% to go with its 20% THC content, Snowcap is a good strain for medicinal purposes as well as fun on the weekends. It’s best for fans of balanced strains like White Choco.

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