Gumbo Strain — Bubblegum Lovers Rejoice

Don’t be put off by the savory-sounding name — this strain is all sweet! Gumbo is short for gumball, which hints at the sweet and tropical bubblegum flavor it offers. It’s a good choice for lovers of strains like Black Jack.

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Gumbo Strain
9.5Expert Score
Gumbo Strain Flavor Scale

Unlike the spicy seafood stew it’s named after, Gumbo actually tends to taste like:

Sweet and tropical bubblegum notes
Slight hints of fuel
Savory sage

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      Gumbo Strain Information

      Get the relaxing and sleep-inducing effects you need to unwind after even the most stressful day. Gumbo is also known for stimulating the appetite and helping with chronic pain, one of its primary uses among its fans. The buds are colorful, sporting blotches of purple and blue among light green clusters and bright orange trichomes.

      Gumbo Strain Effects

      Hunger boosting
      Hunger boosting 83%
      Relaxation 79%
      Sleep-inducing 82%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 84%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 88%
      Stress 79%
      Anxiety 83%
      Depression 78%
      Lack of appetite
      Lack of appetite 75%
      Headaches 41%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 45%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 47%

      Gumbo Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Motorhead — “Too Late Too Late”
      Motorhead — “Too Late Too Late” 80%
      Tate McRae — “Uh Oh”
      Tate McRae — “Uh Oh” 85%
      Pink Sweat$ — “Lay Up N’ Chill”
      Pink Sweat$ — “Lay Up N’ Chill” 79%

      Motorhead — “Too Late Too Late”: Rock out before you nod off with a Motorhead hit.

      Tate McRae — “Uh Oh”: Lay back and let the R&B vibes wash over you after you sample the Gumbo strain.

      Pink Sweat$ — “Lay Up N’ Chill”: Chilling will be the first thing on your mind when under the influence of this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Mustard Stuffed Chicken
      Mustard Stuffed Chicken 84%
      Fried Eggs and Ham
      Fried Eggs and Ham 78%
      Carrot Cake
      Carrot Cake 84%

      Mustard Stuffed Chicken: Slather your favorite flavorful mustard inside chicken wrapped in bacon to satisfy your Gumbo munchies.

      Fried Eggs and Ham: Break out the brunch dishes when enjoying this strain earlier in the day.

      Carrot Cake: Sweet carrot cake slices will highlight the more tropical flavors in this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Sex on the Beach
      Sex on the Beach 82%
      Bubblegum Vodka
      Bubblegum Vodka 83%
      Sour Ale
      Sour Ale 83%

      Sex on the Beach: Sail away to a tropical paradise with the combo of this strain and a favorite cocktail.

      Bubblegum Vodka: Highlight the bubblegum flavor of this strain with a vodka to match. Chill it before sipping for a more refined taste.

      Sour Ale: Search for a citrus-flavored beer to bring out the best of the Gumbo strain.

      Where The Gumbo Strain Is Grown

      The product of an unknown breeder, Gumbo is a true mystery. It’s similar to many other balanced hybrids like Alchemy and Sugar Cookie but with its own unique charm.

      Gumbo Strain Summary

      Choose a chill strain like Gumbo to put a sweet end to any day that’s full of challenges. This stress-busting strain will soon earn a place in your normal rotation.

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