Black Jack Strain — Hit the Relaxation Jackpot

With an average THC level of just 18%, Black Jack is a calming indica-dominant hybrid that isn’t too strong for newcomers to sample. It has just under 1% CBD, providing pain-relieving effects that make it a useful strain for medicinal use. In that sense, it’s much like a milder version of Blue Cookies.

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Black Jack Strain
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Black Jack Strain Flavor Scale

In addition to its long-lasting effects, Black Jack boasts a complex flavor profile that includes:

Hints of toasted tobacco
Spicy black pepper
Rich, fresh pine notes

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      Black Jack Strain Information

      Made for evening enjoyment when you have nothing left to do in the day, Black Jack is a relaxing strain that’s good for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s not as strong as some strains like Anubis that are known for inducing couch lock.

      Black Jack Strain Effects

      Stress relief
      Stress relief 79%
      Mood-boosting 76%
      Focus increasing
      Focus increasing 82%
      Helps With
      Stress 79%
      Depression 80%
      Anxiety 73%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 79%
      Low mood
      Low mood 77%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 45%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 41%

      Black Jack Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Fleetwood Mac — "Black Jack Blues"
      Fleetwood Mac — "Black Jack Blues" 80%
      Ladytron — "Ace of Hz"
      Ladytron — "Ace of Hz" 74%
      Bird Streets — "Betting on the Sun"
      Bird Streets — "Betting on the Sun" 79%

      Fleetwood Mac — “Black Jack Blues”: Let a little blues from 1969 balance out the buoyant mood you get from this strain.

      Ladytron — “Ace of Hz”: You don’t need to wait to be dealt a winning hand when you have Ladytron and Black Jack.

      Bird Streets — “Betting on the Sun”: Make a bet on a cheerful indie rock song to complete the good mood offered by this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Lime bars
      Lime bars 78%
      Smoked beef brisket
      Smoked beef brisket 76%
      Shrimp fried rice
      Shrimp fried rice 74%

      Lime bars: Twist up the usual bake sale classic with lime juice and zest that bursts forth with flavor.

      Smoked beef brisket: Smoky meats pair well with Black Jack, thanks to the similar flavor profiles.

      Shrimp fried rice: Order your favorite takeout if this strain leaves you too relaxed to cook.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Black peppercorn-infused scotch
      Black peppercorn-infused scotch 84%
      Smoke on the Water
      Smoke on the Water 79%
      Spruce tip beer
      Spruce tip beer 73%

      Black peppercorn-infused scotch: Infused scotch with a spicy kick is excellent for sipping or mixing while matching this strain’s flavor profile.

      Smoke on the Water: Try a sweet yet smoky cocktail to put the finishing touches on a Black Jack session.

      Spruce tip beer: With its pine-scented fresh spruce tree tips, this bubbly beer is bracing enough to match this strain’s flavors.

      Where The Black Jack Strain Is Grown

      Nirvana Seeds from the Netherlands bred this well-balanced strain. It’s a combination of the Black Domina and Jock Horror strains, which is in turn derived from the classic Jack Herer strain.

      Black Jack Strain Summary

      Start a casino-themed smoke session with Black Jack to deal yourself a perfect hand for an afternoon or evening of relaxation.

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