Blue Cookies Strain — Beat the Blues with a Sugary Treat

These cookies won’t satisfy your munchies, but they will sweeten your day and chase the blues away. Blue Cookies is an appetizing mix of fruit and cookie flavors that settles into a combination body-mind high.

Whether you need pain relief, a mood boost, or just a day off from stress, this strain can help.

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Blue Cookies Strain
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Blue Cookies Strain Flavor Scale

Not unlike Hawaiian Cookies, Blue Cookies is a strain with a fun twist on the classic sugar-based flavor. This strain combines:

Mixed berries
Pure blueberry
Sugary sweetness

      AVO Ratings



      25% - 28%




      Blue Cookies Strain Information

      With a perfect balance between sativa and indica effects, Blue Cookies is a good strain for any time that calls for relaxation. Many users also feel it increases sociability and arousal, making it ideal for date nights when stress has you feeling distracted.

      Blue Cookies Strain Effects

      Arousal 71%
      Relaxation 74%
      Mood-boosting 78%
      Helps With
      Intimacy 69%
      Stress 75%
      Depression 73%
      Insomnia 70%
      Chronic pain
      Chronic pain 71%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 42%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 40%
      Headaches 38%

      Blue Cookies Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Cheap Trick — “I Want You to Want Me”
      Cheap Trick — “I Want You to Want Me” 77%
      BTS — “Blue & Grey”
      BTS — “Blue & Grey” 72%
      Melanie Martinez — “Milk and Cookies”
      Melanie Martinez — “Milk and Cookies” 75%

      Cheap Trick — “I Want You to Want Me”: This is the original anthem for anyone trying to get into the right mood, one of this strain’s specialties.

      BTS — “Blue & Grey”: Let the soothing tones of BTS carry you away on a cloud of Blue Cookies.

      Melanie Martinez — “Milk and Cookies”: Feeling a little wild? Pump yourself up with another puff and this song.

      Pairs With Food
      Buffalo wing dip
      Buffalo wing dip 74%
      Blueberry cookies
      Blueberry cookies 66%
      Chicken and sweetcorn soup
      Chicken and sweetcorn soup 76%

      Buffalo wing dip: Made with hot sauce, shredded chicken, and blue cheese, it’s the perfect spicy appetizer to beat the munchies.

      Blueberry cookies: Dried blueberries and white chocolate chips are the stars of the show in these cookies that truly mimic the best flavors of Blue Cookies.

      Chicken and sweetcorn soup: For something soothing yet savory, pick up some takeout the next time you indulge in this strain.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Porter beer
      Porter beer 72%
      Schiava red wine
      Schiava red wine 74%
      Sea Breeze cocktail
      Sea Breeze cocktail 77%

      Porter beer: Dark with caramel notes, this intensely flavored beer can hold its own against the super sweet Blue Cookies.

      Schiava red wine: The mildest type of red wine is just fine for pairing with this strain to highlight its berry notes.

      Sea Breeze cocktail: The tartness of cranberry and grapefruit juice perfectly offsets the sweetness coming from this strain.

      Where The Blue Cookies Strain Is Grown

      This strain is also widely known as Blue Girl Scout Cookies, which should give you a hint of its origin. Created in Washington state by unknown breeders, it’s the result of crossing Blueberry OG with Girl Scout Cookies.

      Blue Cookies Strain Summary

      Don’t let these tasty cookies pass you by. Make a date for some Blue Cookies and chill to take advantage of this strain’s effects.

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