White Runtz Strain — Sweet and Tingly All Over

Don’t confuse this special phenotype with the classic Runtz strain. While it comes from the same sweet breeder, White Runtz has sparkling frosty trichomes and a sweeter flavor profile. It’s super smooth and sedating, perfect for the end of a long day.

White Runts Strain
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White Runtz Strain Flavor Scale

Similar in flavor to the original Runtz strain but not quite as sour, this variation offers notes of:

Juicy peach
Sugary sweetness
Ripe, slightly sour citrus

AVO Ratings




23% – 24%





White Runtz Strain Information

Balanced in effects as a 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica genetics, White Runtz has a strong body high with plenty of relaxation for the racing mind as well. It’s explicitly known for causing tingling sensations that can help reduce muscle cramps and pain.

White Runtz Strain Effects


Pain relief

Helps With

Chronic pain


Dry eyes

White Runtz Strain Pairings

Pairs With Music

Nicki Minaj — “Starships”
Beach House — “Days of Candy”
Dua Lipa — “Homesick”

Nicki Minaj — “Starships”: Blast off with a reliable hit from Nicki Minaj that will take you right back to 2012.

Beach House — “Days of Candy”: Indulge your sweet tooth with a smooth indie song and a few hits of White Runtz.

Dua Lipa — “Homesick”: Reminiscing comes easy when you combine this strain and this song.

Pairs With Food

Peach and goat cheese salad
Radicchio and bacon pasta
Citrus gummies

Peach and goat cheese salad: Tangy and sweet, just like this strain, a salad is the perfect lunchtime pairing.

Radicchio and bacon pasta: For a hearty dish that brings out the earthy side of White Runtz, try this main course.

Citrus gummies: Gummy candies with real lemon and orange zest are something you can make at home to pair with this strain.

Pairs With Spirits

Peach-flavored ale
Wine spritzer
Ginjinha da Sardinha

Peach-flavored ale: Light ales, in particular, taste great when brewed with summer fruit, and a peach beer is perfect for this strain’s flavor profile.

Wine spritzer: It’s a classic for a reason, and combining spritzers with White Runtz makes for a banging summer party.

Ginjinha da Sardinha: Sour cherry liqueur is sweet yet bracing, just like this strain.

Where The White Runtz Strain Is Grown

Made with a collaboration between well-known West Coast brands Cookies and Runtz, White Runtz is a cross of Runtz and White Widow-type genetics. It has a background of Zkittlez and Gelato strains that give it mellow character and sweet flavors.

White Runtz Strain Aroma

This strain smells mostly like it tastes, with a definite mix of earthiness and citrus fruits as soon as you light it up. You may also notice hints of diesel or sweetness, depending on the precise variety you pick up. White Runtz doesn’t have the strongest aroma, making it a little easier to enjoy on the sly.

How to Grow the White Runtz Strain

Preferring a cooler climate and less humidity than many other cannabis strains, White Runtz is considered easy to grow. It greatly prefers outdoor growing environments, but if you have to raise it indoors, make sure you offer plenty of air circulation and good trimming.

The Full Flavor Terpenes of the White Runtz Strain

Limonene is the dominant terpene here, with plenty of Caryophyllene to add sweetness and a hint of earthiness as well. Carene contributes the berry flavors that are clear upon exhale but not always noticeable in the strain’s aroma. Pinene plays a role as well, giving it just a hint of skunky pine.

Top 3 Strains White Runtz Strain Is Similar To

Sunset Sherbet:

It’s not surprising that many people think this strain is similar to Sunset Sherbet since they’re related. Both pack plenty of sweet berries and sour citrus into each puff.

Purple Cookies:

Need a strong mind and body high with a balanced flavor to boot? Grab the Purple Cookies strain, which is similar in taste to White Runtz.


Looking for another easy-to-grow outdoor-friendly strain? Grab Grenadine for a grow that will exceed your expectations.

White Runtz Strain FAQs

Is White Runtz a sativa or indica?

White Runtz is considered a balanced 50/50 mix of both types of marijuana.

What are the side effects of White Runtz?

You might experience pretty strong dry eyes and dry mouth from this strain.

What does White Runtz feel like?

This strain is known for its pain-relieving and mood-boosting effects, along with tingling and a sense of euphoria.

White Runtz Strain Summary

Made for a relaxing evening spent watching movies or with friends, White Runtz is worth a try as a unique subtype of a popular strain. If nothing else, you’ll admire its sparkle thanks to the particularly frost-like trichomes.

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