Grenadine Strain — The Cherry On Top

Looking for an indica-dominant hybrid strain with plenty of tart fruit flavor? Try the cherry and pomegranate notes of Grenadine. It’s not just tasty; it’s also a calming and energizing strain that’s great for chronic pain.

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Grenadine Strain Flavor Scale

Real Grenadine is a concentrated pomegranate syrup, and this strain has the same basic tart and sweet flavors. As the name suggests, the main flavors are:

Sweet and tart cherry
Sour berries

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      0.47 - 1.5%

      Grenadine Strain Information

      A potent hybrid strain, Grenadine is as charming as a Shirley Temple movie. It’s named after its strong pomegranate and cherry flavor. It’s primarily a calming, relaxing, and mood-boosting strain, much like Mango Kush.

      Grenadine Strain Effects

      Mood uplifting
      Mood uplifting 79%
      Euphoric 67%
      Strong head high
      Strong head high 61%
      Helps With
      Depression 89%
      Lack of energy
      Lack of energy 81%
      Chronic Fatigue
      Chronic Fatigue 70%
      Anxiety 40%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 34%

      Grenadine Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Air — Cherry Blossom Girl
      Air — Cherry Blossom Girl 73%
      Joel Corry x MNEK — Head & Heart
      Joel Corry x MNEK — Head & Heart 58%
      Miley Cyrus — Midnight Sky
      Miley Cyrus — Midnight Sky 50%

      Air — Cherry Blossom Girl: The original song about the sweetness of both cherries and beautiful girls, it’s the perfect light and airy accompaniment to this strain.

      Joel Corry x MNEK — Head & Heart: Get ready for inspiration to strike by combining this charming dance pop hit with a bit of Grenadine.

      Miley Cyrus — Midnight Sky: Since this strain counts the Miley Cyrus strain among its parents, it’s only natural to enjoy it while listening to one of her latest hits.

      Pairs With Food
      Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream
      Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 78%
      Roasted Pork Tacos
      Roasted Pork Tacos 66%
      Cranberry Trail Mix
      Cranberry Trail Mix 58%

      Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream: Zero in on the sweeter side of the cherry experience with a cone of cherry vanilla ice cream after your next Grenadine experience.

      Roasted Pork Tacos: Roasted pork pairs amazingly well with sour fruit flavors like pomegranate, so it’s a great pair with this strain as well.

      Cranberry Trail Mix: With some nutty flavors detectable in the base of the Grenadine strain, try combining it with a trail mix based on cranberries or dried cherries.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Grenadine Fizz
      Grenadine Fizz 69%
      Pomegranate Martini
      Pomegranate Martini 57%
      Cherry Stout
      Cherry Stout 62%

      Grenadine Fizz: Double down on the tart and sweet pomegranate flavor with the classic drink based around Grenadine and vodka.

      Pomegranate Martini: For a sour experience that highlights the fruitiness of this strain, try mixing up your own pomegranate martinis. The key is high-quality pomegranate juice and just a dash of Grenadine at the end.

      Cherry Stout: Cherry-flavored stout beers are strong and bracing, but this powerful strain can handle the flavor explosion thanks to similar notes. Cherry Pie is another pairing for this drink.

      Where The Grenadine Strain Is Grown

      With an average THC level above 20%, Grenadine is a powerful hybrid made from the combination of Miley Cyrus and Karmarado. It was bred by California-based breeders Cookies in collaboration with Lemonade.

      Grenadine Strain Summary

      With the fresh and sweet flavors of red fruits like cherries and pomegranates, there’s no need to stop by the orchard when you have Grenadine at home. Give this strain a try.

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