London Pound Cake 75 — A Heavy But Sweet Hitter

Despite the unusual name, this sweet treat is heavy and gives a strong indica relaxation effect. You’ll feel pounded right into the couch when you enjoy this classic strain. Not only does it offer a strong body high, but it also follows it up with an equally powerful head trip.

Strain Table of Contents

London Pound Cake 75
10Expert Score
London Pound Cake 75 Flavor Scale

This strain tastes predominantly of:

Sweet grape
Sour berries
Mild diesel notes

      AVO Ratings



      26 - 29%




      London Pound Cake 75 Strain Information

      Built to keep you calm and relaxed, London Pound Cake 75 is a traditional indica strain. It is a super high THC strain, with an estimated 30% THC in some harvests of this variety. As long as you can handle its strong relaxing effects and high THC content, it’s a great strain for ending a long day.v

      London Pound Cake 75 Effects

      Relaxation 87%
      Calming 79%
      Sleepiness 75%
      Helps With
      Insomnia 85%
      Chronic Pain
      Chronic Pain 75%
      Anxiety, & Depression
      Anxiety, & Depression 67%
      Dry Mouth
      Dry Mouth 67%
      Dizziness 54%

      London Pound Cake 75 Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      The Kinks — Sunday Afternoon
      The Kinks — Sunday Afternoon 69%
      Modest Mouse — The World At Large
      Modest Mouse — The World At Large 67%
      Masked Wolf — Astronaut in the Ocean
      Masked Wolf — Astronaut in the Ocean 60%

      The KinksSunday Afternoon: When enjoying a strain as heavy and relaxing as this one, the Kinks is a natural fit.

      Modest MouseThe World At Large: You’ll feel like you’re at large in London when you combine this song and strain for a truly calming afternoon smoke session.

      Masked WolfAstronaut in the Ocean: This song’s lyrics will accurately describe how you feel after indulging in this ultra-high THC strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Grilled pound cake
      Grilled pound cake 64%
      Chocolate-covered berries
      Chocolate-covered berries 77%
      Jalapeno cornbread
      Jalapeno cornbread 63%

      Chocolate-covered berries: Berries pair with pound cake perfectly, so it’s no surprise that London Pound Cake 75 has the notes to balance out the richness of chocolate too.

      Grilled pound cake: Highlight the sweet and baked taste of this strain by grilling up some slices of pound cake to give them a unique, new toasted flavor.

      Jalapeno cornbread: Spicy jalapenos are perfect for the diesel notes of this strain, while the cornbread brings out the sweetness.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Bloody Mary
      Bloody Mary 92%
      Tequila 70%
      Hard iced tea
      Hard iced tea 60%

      Bloody Mary: Create a perfect couch-locked brunch by pairing this indica-heavy hybrid with fresh Bloody Marys.

      Tequila: A shot of smooth tequila is ideal for rounding out the London Pound Cake 75 experience.

      Hard iced tea: Not as well known as the Long Island Iced Tea, hard iced tea is a less sweet cocktail that’s ideal for sipping while chilling.

      Where The London Pound Cake 75 Is Grown

      This hybrid originated from a mix of Sunset Sherbet and another unnamed variety. Bred by Cookies out of California, this strain has long been used to create other masterpieces.

      London Pound Cake 75 Summary

      Contrast this sweet and mellow strain with a savory variety like Cheese to put together your own combinations that hit all the taste buds.

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