Cheese Strain: Stinky and Savory

Let’s talk about the Cheese strain. What can you expect from a strain with a name like “Cheese”? Similar to edible cheeses, the weed strain has a pungent smell and a savory taste. This bud is an indica-dominant strain that is said to have the emotional effects of a sativa.

This classic strain will be ideal for anyone looking to relax, eat, and be merry. These effects are similar to that of Platinum OG.

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cheese strain
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Cheese Strain Flavor Scale

Almost like a Brie, the strain tastes buttery, savory, and salty on the tongue.


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      Cheese Strain Information

      The strain was originated in California by “The Skunkman but was primarily grown in the UK during the ’80s. The smell was so strong that growers were afraid they might easily get caught.

      The strain is known for being highly potent, similar to the Trainwreck Strain.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxed 79%
      Hungry 70%
      Euphoric 93%
      Helps With
      Depression 78%
      Appetite 77%
      Insomnia 79%
      Dry mouth
      Dry mouth 50%
      Anxiety 50%

      Cheese Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Rex Oragnce County - Loving Is Easy
      Rex Oragnce County - Loving Is Easy 73%
      U2 — Beautiful Day
      U2 — Beautiful Day 71%
      Class Animals — Gooey
      Class Animals — Gooey 75%

      Rex Orange County — Loving Is Easy

      Alex O’Connor, aka Rex Orange County, is creating bubby and relatable songs. It’s never been so easy to feel sad and yet feel so happy at the same time.

      U2 — Beautiful Day

      U2 is the embodiment of timelessness in music. Their positive lyrics and uplifting masterpieces will either offer nostalgia or a beautiful artistic experience for new listeners.

      Glass Animals — Gooey

      Glass Animals is popular yet still underground. They have a variety of sounds in their music that ranges anywhere from chill to funky and exotic.

      Pairs With Food
      Mac and Cheese
      Mac and Cheese 84%
      Chili Cheese Dogs
      Chili Cheese Dogs 75%
      Charcuterie Board
      Charcuterie Board 91%

      Mac and Cheese: This one just makes sense. Mac and cheese is a common craving and comfort food that might sound especially appetizing after sampling the Cheese strain.

      Chili Cheese Dogs: This classic American food is like a synonym for summer. You can’t get any more umami than the delectable hot dog, chili, and cheese combo.

      Charcuterie Board: A trendy and elegant option, you can get creative by matching your favorite cheeses, meats, and fruits. The charcuterie board offers at least one option for everyone.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Cabernet Sauvignon
      Cabernet Sauvignon 91%
      Pineapple Margarita
      Pineapple Margarita 41%
      IPA Beer
      IPA Beer 81%

      Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine is known for pairing well with cheddar cheese. It will undoubtedly be classy of you to offer up a wine that matches the flavor of the weed strain that you’re smoking.

      Pineapple Margarita: This is a colorful dinner cocktail that is almost like happiness in a glass. The sweetness of the cocktail will be sure to get the conversation started over a hearty meal.

      IPA Beer: The flavor of an IPA beer will balance out the spicy taste of the Cheese strain. Pair these two bold flavors for the perfect harmony of taste.

      Where Cheese Strain Is Grown

      Cheese was initially grown in California then moved to the Netherlands in the UK. Now it’s known to have Afghani and Pakistani traces.

      Strain Summary

      The Cheese strain is an intense joyride for the tongue, nose, and brain. Cheese has mixed effects, but this strain is sure to leave users happy and relaxed. This strain is so unique that it’s clear why it has become the blueprint for many other strains. The original can still stand on its own, though, even after all this time.

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