11 Different Uses of CBD Oil for Self-Care

CBD oil and self-care go hand in hand. How many times have you said you need to take better care of yourself? No judgment — we’ve all pretty much been constantly promising to take better care of ourselves since we were mostly stuck at home throughout 2020, and reliable sources inform us that was already more than a year ago. (What?!) If you’re anything like us, you probably wish you had a go-to self-care regime to make good on those promises.

Marijuana in Medicine

Considering that marijuana has a history of treating medical issues for almost five thousand years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s practically no limit to what this legendary plant can do. When you’re looking for self-care without the high, the robust CBD market has a tremendous number of options available for you. CBD oil gives you many benefits of traditional cannabis products, but there are no psychoactive effects. The high in marijuana comes from THC — tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC isn’t the only game in town, though, and it’s not the only cannabinoid in marijuana, either. CBD, or cannabidiol, boasts anti-inflammatory properties, helps control anxiety, and more.

CBD interacts with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (or ECS), which helps regulate body functions like the immune system, sleep cycles, pain response, and even appetite. Even better, CBD has no potential for abuse, dependence, or even serious side effects, according to the World Health Organization. The FDA has even approved CBD-derived products to treat seizure disorders in patients as young as two years old.

Beyond specific medical conditions, CBD oil is so popular because of its versatility, especially in the realm of self-care. It can be used to chill out at the end of the day, get ready for bed, or improve your skin. You can use CBD oil to relax sore muscles, boost the nutrients in your food, and help with nagging pains.

How do you take your CBD oil? While you can take drops or tinctures, there are a plethora of ways you can integrate CBD oil into your self-care routine.

CBD Oil for Atmosphere

If you’re not looking to ingest, vape, or smoke anything, you might be surprised to find out that a growing number of people have discovered lots of ways to add CBD oil to their environment in other ways.

  1. For the DIY’er, you might consider making your own CBD oil candles, which add an exceptional level of stress reduction and the joy of crafting all in one. Crafting reduces stress and anxiety, and you can supercharge this process by using CBD oil’s benefits along with it!

  2. If you want the benefits of candlelight without the DIY element, light up a few premade ones. There are a lot of CBD candles on the market now taking advantage of the benefits of CBD oil for self-care without pouring your own wax. (Unless, ya know, you’re into that.)

  3. Do you want to chill out to aromatherapy CBD without having an open flame? Check out some of the options for CBD oil incense that are growing on the market. Incense has a surprising number of benefits, even if you’re not into rituals or casting spells.

CBD Oil for the Mind

After you’ve checked out the best CBD oils, you might be wondering what the best way to use them is.

  1. If you’re like 70% of America, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Fortunately, CBD oil helps with sleep. 

    A growing number of people report that CBD during the day helps them sleep at night. A small dose of CBD during the day might take care of your unruly night routine. Some CBD might help you — and the 70% of Americans who don’t get enough sleep — take care of their nightly problems.

  2. Do you have trouble unwinding? Anxiety disorders are literally the most common mental illness in America, affecting just under 20% of the population — or 40 million adults. 

    If you’re one of them, you might check out some of the best CBD oils for anxiety. A couple of drops as part of your relaxation routine might make a huge difference, as there is a noted effect on anxiety.

  3. If you’ve ever struggled with depression (like 18 million U.S. adults and almost 2 million children do), you’re in for good news. 

    Although CBD doesn’t change serotonin levels like an SSRI, some studies have already shown that CBD oil has an immediate and long-lasting benefit for depression. There’s a lot to choose from, so if your self-care includes a fight against the beast of depression, you might have more options than you think.

  4. If you want to boost your productivity — from your home life to that sprawling to-do list at work — CBD is gaining more and more traction as a nootropic: a brain booster

    As a cognitive enhancer, CBD can boost blood flow to the brain and improve your concentration, helping you enjoy your favorite things more profoundly and finish your nagging to-do list more quickly.

CBD Oil for the Body

There’s no getting around it. CBD is helpful for getting to sleep and staying that way. More importantly, CBD oil can also help you be more wakeful during the day.

  1. Don’t be confused by CBD’s relaxing effects because this robust cure-all can actually prevent sleepiness, too. No more slouching in your office seat or accidentally napping during an important meeting.

  2. Beyond simply managing stressors, which CBD excels at, CBD oil can also help you with pain relief, from the chronic pains of arthritis to cancer pain and more. If taking care of yourself means alleviating your discomfort, CBD oil should be something you look into carefully.

  3. Make your hair more impressive than it already is by taking advantage of CBD oil’s benefits for your lovely locks. It can grow hair, thicken existing hair, and is generally excellent for any follicles you apply it to. 

    Plus, CBD oil for skincare comes in so many topical forms, like transdermal patches, salves, creams, and other health products, giving you more self-care options than ever before.

  4. Take full advantage of our deep-dive on CBD oil for massage. The use of organic CBD allows a massage to be as holistic as possible, without harmful chemicals and pesticides. You can relax your muscles while reaping the benefits of CBD while doing so.

The Future of CBD Oil

As CBD oil passes the 2.8 billion dollar market share and moves into new heights, there are constantly new opportunities to integrate the many benefits of CBD oil into your self-care routine. How you take care of yourself matters, and CBD can take you to the next level.

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