Recent Johns Hopkins Study Reveals Psychedelic Treatment with Psilocybin Relieves Major Depression

Magic Mushrooms Shining New Light on Traditional Treatment

A recent study at Johns Hopkins Medicine shows that the psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms psilocybin, with treatment, can reduce depressive symptoms.  The magnitude of the effect they saw was four times larger than what clinical trials have shown for traditional antidepressants available on the market.

Our Thoughts

It is refreshing to learn our medical experts are performing testing of different options for treatment of conditions so many people suffer from. We applaud these efforts as this study has brought some critically serious proof of concept for the medical approval of psilocybin and huge potential to impact public health.  What used to be looked at with fear and skepticism, psilocybin, is now a potential natural alternative to long-established medications.

Federal law makes it illegal to grow or possess psilocybin without a special license from the Drug Enforcement Administration.  But recently voters in Oregon approved a measure directing the Oregon Health Authority to create a program to offer psilocybin-assisted therapy.

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For all the specific study numbers and findings, please check out the article –

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