Kaya Grape Escape

Grape Escape

The Kaya Grape Escape strain is the most sublime way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Grape Escape is a Caribbean favorite. Its pungent, musky scent and grape flavor makes this oldie an eternal goodie.

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Kaya Grape Escape Strain
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Grape Escape Flavor Scale

Grape Escape tastes and burns just as you would imagine by its name, sweet and grape-based. Its aromas are musky and fragrant and as pungent as it is pleasing.


      AVO Ratings



      22% THC



      0% CBD

      Grape Escape Information

      Originating in Jamaica, Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia and USA, Grape Escape is a sweet indica-dominant hybrid coming in hot with 22% THC.

      Crossed in-house, this flower supplies serious relaxation that can leave you on the sleepy and uplifted side.   We would recommend this strain as an evening smoke, paired with a Cognac, which is a grape-based spirit, or a Concord Grape Wine.  Grape Escape is a Caribbean favorite, and with its earthy tones, we would pair this with a Moscow Mule, which is vodka, lime and ginger beer, another Caribbean favorite.  The aromas are are strong as the elating effects, you will be sure to pick up pungent, musky hues that blend with a grape flavor that will sweeten any palette.

      Grape Escape Effects


      Grape Escape Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Ziggy Marley
      One Good Spliff 95%
      Tanya Stephens
      It's A Pity 80%
      Morgan Heritage
      Selah 70%
      Pairs With Food
      Salmon and Red Grape Agrodolce
      Agrodolce is an Italian take on sweet and sour 90%
      Jerk Chicken
      with Coconut-Lime Slaw 70%
      Wild Rice with Roasted Grapes
      and Walnuts 55%
      Pairs With Spirits
      grape-based spirit 90%
      Concord Grape Wine
      Non-alcoholic juice for virgin version 89%
      Grape Moscow Mule
      Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime and Grape syrup 99%

      Where The Grape Escape Is Grown

      Grape Escape Summary

      Grape Escape is an indica-dominant hybrid that is more of an evening smoke with heavy, relaxing sensations and 22% THC.  Originating from Jamaica, this in-house bred strain tastes just as the name sounds, grape flavored, and smells earthy and musky, making it a flagrant flower.

      We would pair this with Cognac or a classic island inspired beverage, a Moscow Mule, make it grape-flavored cocktail by adding some grape simple syrup.  We think you’ll think its pretty grape…get it? 😉

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