Hemp Pet Care Products – Natural and Nourishing

Dr. Lianne McLeod, DVM with Puppy

Give your pets a little love with CBD pet care products. Whether you’ve got a dog or cat, pet cosmetics do everything from boosting their immune systems to providing an effective skincare regime. Today’s cosmetic products encompass a range of options, including hemp oil for dogs and CBD-infused natural cosmetics.

In 2022, the global pet grooming market was worth $5,68 billion, showing that pet parents are more concerned than ever about pampering their furry friends.

So, if you don’t know where to start with pet care products, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Different Types of Pet Care PRoducts

Think of “cosmetics companies” and you may think of makeup, but things work a little differently for animals like cats and dogs.

Cosmetics for dogs and cats provide tangible benefits to their health and appearance, including providing a coat with a beautiful shine and infusing essential oils to reduce skin irritation. Some of the products available for your best friend include:

·  Shampoos and Conditioners – Formulas to cleanse your pet’s fur and skin to keep both healthy and well-moisturized.

·  Deodorizing Sprays – These products help pet owners eliminate unwanted odors between baths.

·  Ear Cleaners – Dedicated ear cleaners to remove debris and promote ear health. This product line can also promote a healthy immune system. Be sure to verify safe and effective options with your veterinarian.

·  Dental Care – Chews, toothbrushes, and toothpaste freshen breath and keep your pet’s teeth sharp and durable.

·  Pet Balms – Balms and creams often contain hemp oil to improve joint health, provide essential fatty acids, and protect sensitive paws against extreme weather conditions.

·  Pet Oils – Healthy oils such as hemp oil work to improve joint health, provide essential fatty acids, and can help pets regulate their emotions.

Pet care products fall into multiple categories, and the above merely scratches the surface of this emerging market. There’s also particular interest in products containing both hemp and CBD for their natural qualities.

Natural Ingredients: The Key to Healthy Fur and Skin

Your pet’s coat and skin are essential for a high quality of life. It’s vital to do what’s best for your pet by providing pet care products, and these can do a range of things from fighting off seasonal allergies to promoting lifelong skin health.

When selecting dog or cat CBD products, you must choose hemp products containing all-natural ingredients. Here’s why:

·  Safety – Natural ingredients reduce the onset of allergies and skin irritation. These dog products are less likely to contain toxins that could harm your pet.

·  Non-Toxic – Natural ingredients from sources like the hemp plant are typically non-toxic, which prevents health problems if your furry friend comes into contact with these products.

·  Hypoallergenic – Most products like CBD oil and full-spectrum hemp extract are designed to avoid triggering allergies, making them the safer choice.

·  Cruelty-Free – More than 110 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories annually. With natural ingredients like topical CBD, you’re likely to be working with a brand that has a cruelty-free sticker.

The fact is that natural ingredients are pivotal to promoting health in pets. Whether you’re opting for CBD for pets or focusing on simple topicals containing ingredients like oatmeal, the natural way is the right way.

Hemp Cosmetics: A Gentle Touch for Your Furry Friends

Keeping your pets looking their best and ensuring they’re getting what they need is the most effective way to thank your dogs and cats for being themselves.

But if you’re concerned about their health and well-being, you want them to have the best, starting with hemp cosmetics for pets. Provide the gentler touch by examining CBD benefits and cutting through the noise of CBD marketing by digging into the facts.

Lolahemp’s Line of Hemp Cosmetic Products for Pets

Lolahemp offers one of the strongest lines of pet care products in the industry, focusing on deriving the healing benefits of hemp plants to improve mobility, reduce allergies, curb emotional distress, and keep your pet’s coat shiny.

Among their range of oils, chews, and topicals include a spectrum of hemp extract products, hemp oil, and so much more.

CBD derived from hemp can support your dog or cat’s endocannabinoid system just like your favorite human-grade cannabis strain without psychoactive effects for your pet.

Benefits of these pet care products include:

·  Bolster joint health.

·  Improve flexibility.

·  Promote calmness and relaxation with the correct CBD dosage.

·  Protect against seasonal allergies.

·  Enhance coat health.

·  Promote a more robust immune response.

Hemp Oil: The Secret Ingredient for Healthy Skin and Fur

Spectrum hemp is the secret ingredient that supports your pet’s body and appearance.

These pet care products can regulate inflammation which can have a life changing impact on your pet.

Additionally, these same products allow you to supplement the diet of your pup with vitamin E, which helps with various skin conditions and is something your veterinarian will recommend while CBD dosing.

Finally, extra vitamins and minerals like magnesium and linoleic acid, alongside essential fatty acids, fortify your pet’s health and relieve symptoms like itching, dandruff, and pain.

Hemp-Based CBD Products: Soothing Anxiety and Promoting Relaxation

Does your best friend suffer from anxiety?

Giving them CBD treats can help them maintain a healthy state of mind and maximize their quality of life. These pet care products are a chance to give your pet their favorite flavor and excite their little paws.

Much like humans, the answer to why hemp-based organic treats and topicals have such an effect lies within the endocannabinoid system. When CBD interacts with it, it binds to the brain’s CB1 receptors to calm the release of difficult hormones that aren’t properly regulated.

And this is why Lolahemp hemp-based pet care products are so effective with nervous pets.

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10 FAQs on Pet Cosmetics

1. What products to use when bathing a dog?

Ideally, you should opt for a hemp-based shampoo and conditioner while bathing to improve skin and coat health. There are also thousands of other pet shampoos that do a great job of helping your dog stay clean, healthy, and happy.

2. Are hair products safe for dogs?

Human hair products can have toxic ingredients and may irritate or harm your dog.

3. What is benzoyl peroxide for dogs?

Benzoyl peroxide relieves conditions like dermatitis and canine acne. It also flushes hair follicles and acts as a degreaser for coats.

4. Is hemp safe for pets?

Hemp products formulated for pets are considered to be generally safe. It’s important to be critical with the company you choose, however, not all pet hemp brands are the same.

5. Is hemp good for dog skin?

Hemp or CBD products for pets can be a great way to moisturize, soothe, and improve the quality of your pet’s skin.

6. Is hemp oil safe for dogs and cats?

Yes, hemp oil is safe for dogs and cats, but only when specifically designed for pets. Avoid human-grade products.

7. Can I put hemp oil on my cat’s skin?

Yes, you can. It nourishes and relaxes, giving your feline friend some much-needed TLC.

8. Can you use hemp shampoo on cats?

Yes, hemp shampoo for cats spreads healthy oils throughout their fur to keep their coats looking their best.

9. Can I use CBD cream on a cat?

CBD cream for cats is perfectly safe for cats. However, like CBD treats for dogs, ensure it’s specifically formulated for cats.

10.  Is hemp balm safe for dogs?

Yes, hemp balm contains the same ingredients as other hemp-derived products. Ensure that you follow the instructions on the package as directed.

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