CBD Dog Chews For Your Furry Companion’s Health

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CBD dog treats are popping up everywhere, but are they all made the same? Further, are they safe for your dog? 

This article explores everything you need to know about CBD Chews For Dogs and whether or not they’re right for your furry friend. Let’s take a look. 

Is CBD Safe For My Dog?

Safety should be at the top of your list with any CBD treat. Firstly, let’s look at some CBD facts.

CBD is known as a cannabinoid and can be derived from hemp and marijuana plants. Most CBD dog treats originate from industrial hemp grown within the U.S. The CBD interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to boost your dog’s health.

According to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study, daily feeding is well-tolerated by most dogs. If you’re using CBD for anxiety or even hemp oil, speak to your veterinarian about appropriate dosing.

What are CBD Chews for Dogs?

CBD dog treats are a special type of pet product containing CBD. As the active ingredient, this is the source of the main potential benefits that dogs can experience from CBD treats.

These CBD chews are typically boosted with other dog-safe ingredients aimed to address different issues. You might see CBD chews enhanced with glucosamine, passion flower, chamomile, or other ingredients. 

Main Ingredients in CBD Soft Chews

·  CBD

·  Hemp extract

·  Other cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD

·  Flavoring agents

·  Other natural ingredients, such as antioxidants

·  Carriers/binders

·  Preservatives/stabilizers

CBD Dog Chews Flavors

Selecting the right dog CBD chews and flavors depends on a range of options, including favorite brands, your dog’s weight, age, and current state of health. If you want to see how your dog responds, there are a myriad of flavors to try, including:

·  Bacon

·  Chicken

·  Beef

·  Cheese

·  Peanut butter

·  Lamb

·  Sweet potato

·  Turkey

·  Mint

·  Apple

In short, there are many options for edible recipes for your dog’s next CBD treat. Be prepared to break treats of different flavors to discover what your dog likes.

Health Benefits of Giving Your Dog CBD Chews

High-quality CBD can offer a range of documented health benefits, so CBD dog treats are expected to account for up to 5% of the total CBD market by 2025. Some of these benefits include:

·  Reduce Anxiety – CBD may help your dog relax. Not all dogs respond to these products the same way, but a healthy majority seem to show reduced distress. Note that canine anxiety can come from a number of different sources, so CBD might not be able to calm their exact issue. 

·  Pain Relief – CBD soft chews are anti-inflammatory, providing pain relief for dogs.

·  Seizure Management – CBD dog treats can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in dogs.

·  AntiInflammatory – These chews may allergies and skin issues by using dog CBD chews as an anti-inflammatory.

·  Stimulate Appetite – Older dogs can benefit from the best CBD dog treats if they struggle with food intake due to illness.

·  Promote Sleep – CBD has a calming effect, promoting better sleep for large dogs and smaller dogs.

·  AntiOxidant Properties – CBD soft chews possess anti-oxidant properties, which reduce oxidative stress. This makes CBD dog treats a potential way for pet parents to promote health and wellness.

However, determining how much CBD suits your dog is crucial to extract the maximum benefits and mitigate the risk of side effects with CBD soft chews.

When Should My Dog Take CBD Chews?

Dogs who are facing issues like mobility struggles or general distress might be the perfect fits for CBD soft chews. When your package arrives or you purchase a CBD chew from the store, make sure to look at the package and follow the instructions exactly. 

These aren’t normal treats that you should give your dog at will. They contain CBD, and too much CBD might make your dog drowsy. Start small, and work your way up to find the right balance. 

Can I Give My Dog CBD Chews Every Day?

It depends on the dog, the product, and the ailment you’re looking to address. Some products are healthy to give your dog each day, but only if you follow the appropriate dosing guidelines. 

Further, studies have shown that the correct dose of CBD can be healthy for otherwise healthy dogs over the long term

How to Pick the Right CBD Chews for My Dog

Picking the right CBD chew for your dog is all about finding the right company. There are a lot of options on the market, but you need one that’s trustworthy and has your pet’s best interests in mind. 

Our research has shown that Lolahemp offers the best and most trustworthy selection of CBD chews for dogs. They offer third-party lab testing, have wonderful reviews, and their products have helped dogs time and time again. 

Best CBD Chews For Dogs on the Market

Finding the best CBD chews for dogs can be tricky. That’s why we browsed the web for you and found our recommendation. 

Lolahemp stands out as a wonderful and trustworthy company for pet owners. Their CBD comes from hand-harvested hemp on a family farm in Colorado. They’re a small business that tailors their catalogue specifically to pets, so they’re working with the most up-to-date information about dogs at all times. 

They provide third-party lab tests for all of their pet products, and their customer service team is top notch. If you have an issue, you can call and speak to a person from their small team who truly knows what they’re talking about. 

It’s likely that the customer service person who answers will have a degree in pet health. They’ll answer questions about your pet, give you the best guidance, and even tell you if you’d be better suited to try a different product. 

CBD Chews for Dogs: FAQs

How Effective are CBD Chews for Dogs?

CBD chews can be very effective for many dogs. It’s important to manage your expectations and realize that all dogs are different, so these products won’t work every time. 

That said, thousands of dog owners say that CBD chews are truly a game changer for their dogs’ quality of life. 

Do CBD Chews Work to Calm Dogs?

CBD chews can certainly work to calm dogs. This is especially true if the product you choose has additional dog-safe ingredients that can soothe dogs. That way, you get a multi-faceted approach that sets your pet at ease. 

Can I Give My Dog CBD Chews Every Day?

You can give your pet CBD chews every day so long as you’re giving them the appropriate dosage and your veterinarian has given you the green light. 

How Often Can Dogs Have CBD Chews?

Dogs can have CBD chews daily so long as it agrees with their system, they’re not taking any conflicting medication, and you’re following the most accurate dosage guidelines. Just take note of appropriate CBD dosing for dogs, which is based on body weight.

Can I Give My Dog Human CBD Chews?

Do not give your dog any CBD, hemp, or cannabis product that has not been designed specifically for dogs. These products likely contain ingredients that are not safe for your dog, and this could even be toxic. 

Further, human products tend to be much stronger than products for dogs. This could traumatize your dog psychologically on top of the health effects of eating human ingredients. 

How Long Does it Take for CBD Chews to Work for Dogs?

The best CBD chews for dogs can take a few days to a week to have an effect. Generally, the speed of your CBD dog treat depends on the dog.

What Happens if a Dog Has Too Much CBD?

Soft chews for dogs can also have side effects if you give them too much. Dog CBD oil has similar effects, including nausea, drowsiness, and diarrhea.

How Many CBD Chews Should I Give My Dog?

Dog chews come in various dosages, so you should look to a veterinarian’s CBD dosing chart. Always follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for the best CBD dog chews.

What are the Best Calming Chews for Dogs?

It depends on the dog. Do your research into dog CBD pet treats first.

Can CBD Give Dog Anxiety?

Dog chews rarely lead to more anxiety. But the best CBD dog treats, like all CBD pet treats, can impact every dog differently. Monitor the effects of your soft chews for dogs and react accordingly. Not all CBD chews for dogs will agree with your furry friend.

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