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There are a lot of reasons you might want to buy marijuana seeds. Maybe you want to save some money by doing it yourself. Perhaps you consistently find yourself awestruck at the power of nature to create life, and you want to invoke some of that into your daily routine. After all, tending to plants can have an incredible array of benefits for your mental and physical well-being in general, and if you’re going to grow something, it’s practical to grow something you’ll use, right?

First, you want to make sure that buying marijuana seeds is legal where you live. You don’t want to wind up in the local paper because you read some sketchy advice on the internet.

Marijuana Legality in the United States

There’s no way around it. Federal law in the United States remains pretty draconian, and all marijuana products are illegal under federal law. This, unfortunately, remains true on paper (without getting into the hemp-versus-marijuana debate, which essentially turns THC into the “no-no” component and requires special licensing). If you want to grow industrial hemp and have somehow ended up here, you should probably head to and get your ducks in a row.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in the United States?

Every dispensary (with THC-containing products) in the United States is breaking federal law. Every medical grow operation is violating federal law. None of them get busted. Even though the Trump administration under Jeff Session rescinded the Cole Memo in 2018, medical dispensaries have seen no federal trouble as a result. It remains a state-by-state decision, with the state’s laws being what you need to look for.

If you want to know which states you can legally buy marijuana seeds of your own and grow them (which is a different list than the states where medical or recreational medical marijuana is legal for consumption), check after the drop.

The states where you can grow marijuana for recreational and medical use:

The states where you can grow marijuana for medical use only:

So don’t do anything illegal because clearly laws are morality, okay?

The Nitty Gritty of Growing Marijuana

Now that you’ve got a handle on what you can and can’t do based on an arbitrary division on a map, you probably need to get a handle on what you want. Buying marijuana seeds can be expensive, so you want to do it right. You probably also want to grow indoors for greater control over conditions, and you’re required to grow indoors in some states. Be sure to check that out before you formulate a plan, too.

You’ll need at least a basic indoor grow setup, so you’ll have to pick a grow medium, a lighting method, and decide on a fertilizer. You could go with something as small as a bucket or two in your bathtub (seriously, it can work, especially if the strain you want likes it frequently wet and humid, though most indica strains prefer a drier climate).

If you’re looking for more info on how to grow marijuana, you know we’ve got you covered here at Flavor Fix.

Strains Dictate Grow Setup

The strains you grow will dictate a lot about the setup you end up with, so it’s essential to start with the end in mind. Some strains get super tall, but some are pretty squat.

As a beginner buying marijuana seeds, you might want to check out some information on the highest-yielding strains and consider going with something like the classic Northern Lights or Sour Diesel. Especially when you’re new to buying marijuana seeds, it’s worth considering something that’s forgiving and on the higher side of the yield spectrum.

Your State Dictates Strains and Availability

If you do live in a state where it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds, one of your best bets is to check out your local dispensary, realtor, or headshop (or whatever it’s called in your state). Your local budtender has a wealth of knowledge that is always welcome. If you’re looking for a virtual partner to help you pick a strain in the first place, don’t forget about our Strain Guide and Finder.

Do You Want to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

If there’s nothing that catches your fancy locally, there are a small but growing number of options to buy online, such as places like I Love Growing Marijuana that offer discreet shipping to all states in the U.S.

They also have a pretty excellent selection, well organized by type and strain. They have a particularly nice selection of auto-flowering strains, which are fantastic if you’re new to growing, don’t want to mess with timing your lights, or just want a fast and simple crop. They also accept Bitcoin, which is a growing trend in the realm of online payment methods. That said, if you haven’t made sure that it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds where you live, you could wind up in trouble.

More Retail Options

 For U.S. customers include one of the oldest online seed banks, MSNL, who’s been in this game since 1999. They’re current with the times, offering a whopping 15% off if you use Bitcoin as your payment method.

They’re exceptionally transparent about the steps they take to keep your information secure, and it’s hard not to appreciate that. They also have a great, carefully curated selection that can be sorted by everything from the level of smell to speed of crop. Even if you’re not ready to buy marijuana seeds today, MSNL will keep you busy for hours as you cultivate the perfect growth plan.

Crop King Seeds has a chatty avatar that will distract you and successfully get you to talk with them before you buy marijuana seeds, and they have 40-something varieties of marijuana seeds available. They’ve been in business since 2005, and they’ve got a stellar reputation for a reason.

Finally, especially if you’re looking for a deal, you should probably check out Ministry of Cannabis. They have excellent prices, and they especially have superior strains for low prices. If you’re having trouble deciding, they have killer mix packs to help you try out a small number of strains at a time.

Ready, Set, Buy, Grow

When you’re buying marijuana seeds, remember that there’s a huge range of legal requirements depending on where you live. In the United States, it’s on a per-state basis, and you want to be sure you comply with local guidelines.

That said, it’s probably the best time ever to buy marijuana seeds. There has never been a more comprehensive selection, more options, or more resources available for experts and novices alike.

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