Pink Rozay Strain — As Smooth as the Finest Wine

If rosé wine is your summer go-to, Pink Rozay should be your next strain to sample. This delicate hybrid is indica-dominant in a major way, giving you plenty of relaxation and pain relief for improving any kind of day.

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Pink Rozay
9.5Expert Score
Pink Rozay Strain Flavor Scale

For a floral delight that’s perfect for dessert or tea, look no further than Pink Rozay. This strain’s main notes are:

Floral notes like rose
Fresh yeast
Sweet velvet cake

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      Pink Rozay Strain Information

      Pink Rozay is the ideal strain for kicking back on a day off or during vacation, thanks to heavy relaxing effects like G13. As an 80/20 indica-sativa hybrid, it’s euphoric with a sweet floral flavor to match.

      Pink Rozay Strain Effects

      Relaxation 90%
      Euphoria 88%
      Sleepiness 70%
      Helps With
      Depression 90%
      Stress 79%
      Anxiety 67%

      None reported

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Blackpink — On the Ground
      Blackpink — On the Ground 75%
      Bobby Newberry — Rosé All Day
      Bobby Newberry — Rosé All Day 70%
      Rick Ross — Hustlin’
      Rick Ross — Hustlin’ 72%

      Blackpink — On the Ground: With a band member named Rosé, Blackpink is an obvious perfect match for this strain.

      Bobby Newberry — Rosé All Day: You’ll be singing along happily to the upbeat lyrics of this pop hit from a few summers back after your first try of Pink Rozay.

      Rick Ross — Hustlin’: As one of the biggest fans of the wine in hip hop, Rick Ross always deserves a spin while you’re enjoying this strain.

      Pairs With Food
      Vanilla pound cake
      Vanilla pound cake 81%
      Baby back ribs
      Baby back ribs 64%
      Afternoon tea with almond cookies
      Afternoon tea with almond cookies 67%

      Vanilla pound cake: Highlight the sweet and cake-like flavors of this strain by enjoying it with a fresh slice of pound cake — berries optional.

      Baby back ribs: Need a meal that will prepare you for the heavy calming effect of this strain? Pig out on some baby back ribs.

      Afternoon tea with almond cookies: The floral rose notes of this strain make it light enough to pair with your favorite green or black tea and some tasty cookies.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Rosé wine
      Rosé wine 69%
      Gin 64%
      Hard pink lemonade
      Hard pink lemonade 60%

      Rosé wine: Of course, it’s only natural to pair your favorite rosé with this strain. This wine is also a great choice for mixing with Wedding Cake OG and other similar strains.

      Gin: Many rosé-based cocktails feature gin, but its citrus flavors are great on their own when paired with Pink Rozay.

      Hard pink lemonade: Pink lemonade balances out the creaminess of this strain, and all the better if it’s of a hard variety.

      Where The Pink Rozay Strain Is Grown

      California breeders Cookies created Pink Rozay. The strain claims Lemonchello 10 and LPC75 as its parents. THC levels vary, but most varieties report an average of 16% to 20% THC, making it a high potency strain.

      Pink Rozay Strain Summary

      No summer is complete without a glass of rosé and a few grams of Pink Rozay. Take your vacation to a whole new level of relaxing with the help of this indica-heavy strain.

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