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The Cookies brand is legendary. Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Gilbert Anthony Milam, Jr. (aka Berner) and grow expert Jai (aka Jigga) founded the Cookies brand in 2008. What began in a small San Francisco garage is now a global brand with passionate fans around the world.

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The Cookies brand is known world wide for high quality products and great brand values. This is why we love them. Our experience has always been great. We recommend them.

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      About Cookies


      The pivotal and popular Girl Scout Cookie strain is the genesis of the Cookies brand, with a devoted grassroots cult following. Cookies founder Berner markets each new strain as a “VIPs Only” cultivar, and the air of exclusivity rocketed the company to worldwide renown in 2011.

      The Cookies cannabis brand has grown its business through pop culture appeal, internationally recognized premium genetics, and social media influence. The company is always on the cutting edge of new breeding projects to launch diverse brands. It has rapidly developed a massive fanbase while remaining dedicated to its original mission: authenticity and innovative genetics. They’re proud of their in-house cultivation and complete line of strain-specific products. Cookies is now a top-selling cannabis brand throughout the world.

      With a deep commitment to progressive drug policy, the Cookies brand works tirelessly to enhance communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs through social equity initiatives and advocacy programs.

      Cookies Product or Services

      The company offers over 150 exclusive cannabis varieties and product lines, including indoor, sun-grown, and CBD flower, vape cartridges, gel capsules, pre-rolls, and medicinal mushrooms. The Cookies flower itself is a high-end high, with prices from $60 to $80 for an eighth in some places.

      Cookies is not only a mainstream cannabis grow operation; it’s a lifestyle brand selling Cookies cannabis clothing such as pricey T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and more.

      Cookies Cereal Milk

      Cookies Online Reviews

      Across the internet, the general sentiment about Cookies cannabis is that it’s actually a good flower from quality genetics. However, if you trust the Yelp reviews or Reddit comments, Cookies flower isn’t worth the hype. Most commenters agree the weed is of average quality, but the price leads smokers to believe they’re purchasing top-shelf weed.

      Berner’s marketing of the Cookies brand name is genius-level advertising. Everyone wants to try Cookies’ weed because it’s so hard to get. By ceaselessly promoting new strain drops, customers line the block on opening days, ensuring that each new product sells out in minutes. That’s what makes Cookies’ weed so desirable.

      So, is Cookies cannabis worth the hype? Well, how badly do you want it, how much are you willing to pay, and how long are you willing to wait?

      Bottom line: the consensus is while the Cookies cannabis brand grows some decent weed, you can find higher quality cannabis for a better price from other brands.

      Cookies Video

      This video is a recap of the Cookies Santa Ana store Grand Opening.

      Cookies Cannabis Brand Frequently Asked Questions

      Who owns Cookies Weed?

      Recording artist and entrepreneur Berner (Gilbert Milam) and cannabis farmer Jigga (Jai) own Cookies dispensaries, weed, and lifestyle brand.

      What is Berner’s/Cookies net worth?

      Berner, Cookies founder, has a net worth differing from the Cookies brand’s net worth. As of 2022, it’s estimated that Berner’s net worth is about 20 million, which includes his successful music career and the Cookies marijuana empire.

      In a 2020 interview with Forbes, Berner revealed some of his flagship stores make $100,000 to $200,000 a day, with his newest shop in Melrose reaching a high of $450,000 in a single day.

      Where can I buy Cookies cannabis clothing?

      Here is the Cookies cannabis clothing website, where you can find vegan leather jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, and even hats, chairs, and wallets.

      Where are Cookies Dispensaries?

      There are 38 Cookies cannabis retail stores in seven states in the U.S., not including four of the company’s sativa-focused, Lemonnade-branded retail stores. Cookies founder Berner says they also have stores in Spain, Israel, the Netherlands, and soon Portugal, although those locations are currently under wraps.

      Cookies dispensaries in Michigan

      Cookies Detroit

      6030 E 8 Mile Road, Detroit

      Cookies Kalamazoo

      2712 Portage Street, Kalamazoo

      Cookies Dispensaries in Canada

      Cookies Toronto

      278A Queen St W, Toronto

      Cookies Dispensaries in Massachusetts

      Cookies Worcester

      118 Cambridge Street, Worcester

      Cookies Dispensaries in Oklahoma

      Cookies Oklahoma City

      4041 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City

      Cookies OKC South Penn

      7621 S Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City

      Cookies Dispensaries in Colorado

      Cookies Commerce City

      5385 Quebec St, Commerce City

      Cookies Denver

      2057 South Broadway, Denver

      Cookies Pueblo

      3003 W Northern Avenue, Pueblo

      Cookies Dispensaries in Montana

      Cookies Missoula

      129 North Higgins Avenue, Missoula

      Cookies Dispensaries in Nevada

      Cookies on the Strip

      2307 S Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas

      Cookies Flamingo

      4240 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas

      Cookies Dispensaries in California

      Cookies San Bernardino

      949 W Orange Show Road, San Bernardino

      Cookies La Mesa

      7935 El Cajon Blvd., La Mesa

      Cookies Mission Valley

      7850 Mission Center Court, San Diego

      Cookies Santa Ana

      1821 Newport Circle, Santa Ana

      Cookies Farmersville

      515 Avenue 295, Farmersville

      Cookies Maywood

      5815 Maywood Avenue, Maywood

      Cookies Melrose

      8360 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood

      Cookies Woodland Hills

      5334 Alhama Drive, Woodland Hills

      Cookies Coalinga

      150 E Durian Ave, Coalinga

      Cookies Modesto

      1944 W Orangeburg Avenue, Modesto

      Cookies Sacramento

      1716 J Street, Sacramento

      Cookies Redding

      1700 E Cypress Avenue, Redding

      Cookies Lompoc

      1017 E Ocean Avenue, Unit A, Lompoc

      Cookies Hayward

      1004 B Street, Hayward

      Cookies Oakland

      1776 Broadway, Oakland

      Berner’s on Haight

      1685 Haight Street, San Francisco

      Cookies Tree Lounge

      705 US-101, Garberville

      Cookies Dispensaries in Oregon

      Cookies Corvallis

      257 Southwest Madison Avenue, Corvallis

      Cookies Dispensaries in Washington

      Cookies Tacoma

      3111 S Pine Street, Tacoma

      Berner’s Merced

      811 West Main Street, Merced

      Cookies Halsey

      16102 NE Halsey Street, Portland

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