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La Confidential Strain
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LA Confidential Flavor Scale

Smooth and piney, the LA Confidential strain tastes like a forest but smells like a skunk.


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      LA Confidential Strain Information

      Developed by DNA Genetics Seeds, the LA Confidential strain has won numerous awards, including the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year. As a nearly pure indica (its sativa content ranges from about 5%-10%), LA Confidential delivers a body-numbing, sedating high that sends users straight into a deep state of couch-lock. If you’re into heavy, sedating weed, you’ll probably also enjoy similar indica-leaning strains like 9LB Hammer, G13, Blueberry OG, and Gorilla Glue #4.

      Though this strain leans heavily indica, it also produces psychedelic-like effects at the outset, which can be both mood-lifting and thought-provoking. But those effects don’t last long. For most people, LA Confidential induces deep sleep within just a couple of hours. Given its intensely sedating effect, this bud is definitely best suited to a nighttime wind-down smoke sesh.

      Medical patients who suffer from insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety turn to LA Confidential for its profoundly calming effects. Recreational smokers love the strain for a nice mood boost and intense relaxation at the end of a long day. Users who smoke a bit too much are likely to fall asleep almost immediately.

      Strain Effects

      Relaxed 57%
      Euphoric 76%
      Happy 89%
      Helps With
      Stress 74%
      Pain 83%
      Sleep 73%
      Cotton Mouth
      Cotton Mouth 50%
      Dry eyes
      Dry eyes 50%
      Dizziness 50%

      Strain Pairings

      Pairs With Music
      Aftertheparty —Someone Else
      Aftertheparty —Someone Else 79%
      LoFi Fruits Music - Black Slope
      LoFi Fruits Music - Black Slope 80%
      Potsu - Moonglow
      Potsu - Moonglow 78%

      Aftertheparty – Someone Else

      Chill indie R&B that’s perfect for winding down.

      LoFi Fruits Music – Black Slope

      The chillest remakes of songs you already know and love, but with a LoFi twist. Perfect for kicking back and lighting up.

      Potsu – Moonglow

      Lazy, brain-calming beats for when the couch-lock sets in.

      Pairs With Food
      Fish tacos
      Fish tacos 50%
      Any type pf seafood
      Any type pf seafood 65%
      Sushi 82%

      Fish tacos: Celebrate the California vibe while you burn down on one of California’s most well-loved strains.

      Any type of seafood: Drizzle with some fresh lemon and grub down while Jet Fuel’s piney flavor still lingers on your palate.

      Sushi: A West Coast staple meal to complement a West Coast staple strain. Bonus points if you order a California roll.

      Pairs With Spirits
      Hot toddy
      Hot toddy 84%
      Moscow Mule
      Moscow Mule 76%
      Scotch and soda
      Scotch and soda 83%

      Hot toddy: This whiskey-based cocktail is an age-old nightcap. Enjoy it with a bowl of LA Confidential and drift off into dreamland.

      Moscow Mule: Born in Los Angeles, this simple yet delicious combo of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer is the perfect complement to LA Confidential.

      Scotch and soda: Straightforward and unfussy, a simple scotch and soda is an excellent soothing complement to LA Confidential’s relaxing vibe.

      Where The Strain Is Grown

      The LA Confidential Strain was developed by California-based seed bank DNA Genetics Seeds.

      Strain Summary

      LA Confidential is a highly popular, award-winning indica strain. Despite its relatively low sativa content, the strain produces an almost psychedelic effect that’s simultaneously uplifting and intensely relaxing.

      Just a few tokes too many, and users are likely to pass right out, but that’s one of the reasons LA Confidential is so well-loved. The strain is widely used for alleviating stress, anxiety, pain, and (obviously) insomnia.

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